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Carnival Rio aka Rio Carnival

The most spectacular carnival in the world - March 4 8 2011

When most people think Carnival they think Rio, however it’s tough competition with Olinda ad Salvador putting on equally impressive events.
If you have always dreamed of attending Carnival there are a few key things you should know before going…
If you decide to do Carnival in Rio, it's best to get accommodation around Southern Rio (the Zona Sul), it’s not just one of the most beautiful areas, it’s also one of the safest for tourists.

If you are on a budget Botafogo, Lapa and Flamengo are good options and are still only 20 mins from Copacabana, which is open 24/7 during Carnival.

The other thing to take note of for Carnival is this is a trip that should be planned at least 4 months in advance, as flights, accommodation and tickets sell out quick and prices increase closer to the event.

Lastly if you are planning to visit Brazil around this time you should keep in mind that all 5 days of Rio Carnival are public holidays all over Brazil - therefore most local shops will be closed during the Carnival Rio. Traditionally, this is also the culmination of the Brazilian summer holidays and Carnival Rio also marks the end of the long school holidays (which start in December) because of this travelling to Rio during Rio Carnival time can be difficult if you do not plan.

If you want the absolute “Carnival” experience, bring your costume and join the parade for a night you will never forget!

There are also many local balls and Samba lessons held during this time, which will ensure each day, will be filled with something fun and amazing to do!

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