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Santas Neighbourhood Syntagma Square

Christmas Greek Style 7 31st December Athens

Each December Athens Syntagma Square comes alive as it welcomes in Christmas with ornate decorations, Christmas inspired entertainment and activities and a chance to meet the man in the red coat himself!

This celebration is kick-started by the lighting of the Christmas Tree adorned with huge colourful balls and thousands of sparkling lights, revellers will also enjoy the stunning antique carasel on display that dates back to 1886, it features brightly painted horses and gorgeous carriages.

There are performances of classical music, jazz concerts, Christmas carols, Byzantine hymns and traditional dancing.

Don’t forget to visit the National Garden, where the young and the young at heart are invited to follow a path inside the garden and discover the Garden of Fairytales, an gorgeous imaginary land to experience the magical world of fairytales, not only from Greece, but also from other countries from around the world.

The Biscuit House with its Biscuit People, Santa Claus' house, the Workshop of Wishes, the Iceman, the Hut of the Little Drummer Boys, and the Goblins of the Windmill are just some of the magical places you will find to explore in this Garden.

And for the big kids, do not miss the pre-Christmas and new year’s eve parties held in the enchanted garden after the little ones have gone to bed!

This is one way to see a different kind of Athens and to spend a Christmas and New Year you would never forget!

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