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BERLIN MUSIC WEEK 6 - 12 September 2010

a week all about music, with some great events like the Berlin festival and the Berlin Clubnight

Coming to Berlin for the great music scene, then you are more than happy visiting berlin this week!
There is music and events going on every where.
A bunch of great dj's, bands and artists are coming to berlin to perform and to make the city dance!

There is the POPKOMM international music market at the former airport Tempelhof. Popkomm's showcase festival takes place on the 8th and 9th of september and will present some of the most interesting and talented artists from all over the world. The Tempelhof Airport Complex is also the venue for the Berlin Festival (10th and 11th of September). This Festival takes place for the 5th time and has an amazing line up: Editors, Fatboy Slim, Atari Teenage Riot, Robyn,toomanydj's and many many more. 10 artists on the Berlin Festival Line Up are presented by the Popkomm as promising new-comer acts.

At the Kulturbrauerei, in Berlin's vivid Neigbourhood Prenzlauerberg, the JAZZKOMM takes place. Some great jazzmusicians will perform at the Franzz club.

Saturday night, the 11th of September, is your change to experience Berlin's Nightlife to the maximum. It's the Berlin clubnight that gives one the opportunity to visit many clubs, paying only once 12Euro entrance fee. There are shuttle busses driving you from one club to another! this must be heaven!

Have a great music week! So ya all soon in Berlin!!

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