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San Francisco has a season for everything

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Find yourself looking out from the Alcatraz prison and imagine being sentenced there until your freedom. Once a gloomy place, Alcatraz beckons many visitors to come over from San Francisco after visiting the city’s sights.
The Golden Gate bridge is a given, though if you want a different look, try wandering along Mission Bay. San Francisco has a season for everything, and does every season with all the energy it has. After spending time at the beach, you can possibly find yourself amist the Bay to Breakers festival in May, a charitable festival which invites other charities to come together to celebrate their diversity.

San Francisco takes it a step forward in its diversity and presents the How Weird Street Faire with performances of the odd variety. San Francisco also welcomes the LGBTQ crowd with the world’s largest pride event. In June this annual two-day festival has performances and vendors all along Market Street.

Try attending many of the other festivals, there are at least three during the course of months. If you eventually don’t get to see any festivals, San Francisco’s Chinatown holds a lot of pleasure within itself.

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