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Happy Birthday USA

4th July 1776

It�s almost Independence Day again. No, not that one, where the aliens are taking over the world�

It�s the Fourth of July, Independence Day, and a national holiday for the United States. It�s the United States of America�s birthday. On this day, 230 years ago, the Americans gained independence from Britain, and gained democracy. It�s the biggest secular holiday in the US, and if you�re an American out there travelling, its got to mean that you�re thinking of home. If you�re travelling in the States, there�s sure to be a party and some mega-fireworks happening near you. Check out your local area for what�s on.

No parades, BBQ�s or marching bands in easy reach? No problems. Grab a bunch of your closest hostel buddies � American or not � and celebrate in style! Grab some beers, and organize your own picnic. Just choose the best shady spot in front of a picturesque site, ruins, lakes, or fountains, send the photos back home and see who�s jealous then!

Still want something to mark this occasion while away from home? Check out some of these festivals if you�re in the area.

+ Ommegang Pageant + Brussels, Belgium + Another major annual event, where you�ll catch a huge parade that shows off traditional folklore and tradition

+ World Cup 06 Semi Final + Dortmund, Germany + Football! Europe�s greatest sport� Watch as the tensions get higher +

+ Rebild Festival + Aalborg, Denmark + One of the largest 4th of July festivals outside of the States � where the Danes salute the American holiday

+ Grand Summer Concert + Warwick Castle, England + a major annual concert, complete with music and fireworks

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