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Lisbon an extreme city in Europe

Portugal’s capital is short of miraculous

Home to one of the most powerful eras of Christopher Columbus and Vasco da Gama, Portugal’s capital is short of miraculous. Sitting at the tip of the Iberian Peninsula, Portugal has collected a very different culture than the rest of Europe. The rich traditions flood the street of Lisbon along with the age-old wines, get a sip of this culture while you are there. You’ll see centuries of history lining the streets with the meticulously maintained mosaics of black and white and the renovation of many of its historic monuments are sure to dazzle in the Portugal sun.

In terms of religious holidays, Lisbon does Holy Week better than any other country. In mid-April there is singing and dancing, and a vast amount of processions happening every day. And despite uproar from many organizations, bullfighting still exists and you can catch a glimpse during April to October, on a given Sunday or Thursday. The cavaleiro still wear their 18th century style costume, with gold embroidered coats of velvet and silk.

For a more authentic experience, check out June in Lisbon, where you can find newlyweds taking their vows in Saint Anthony’s Church. If you have a special someone, you can marry them for free during this time and incorporate your honeymoon in the all night street fair in the Alfama district. In following days many of the different neighborhoods decorate their quarters with paper lanterns and streamers, each competing against the other for prizes.

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