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Campus Party Valencia 2010

The entrance to the digital world

Campus Party is recognized as the largest gathering of technology, creativity, entertainment and digital culture network in the world. An annual event held since 1997 and meets for seven days to thousands of participants with their computers from all over Spain and other nations to share concerns, exchange experiences and all kinds of activities related to the computer, communications and new technologies.

Campus Party Sources
The event was born in 1997, before the constitution of the Association E3 Futura, in the town of Mollina, Malaga, Spain. Since its beginning, is a general event and education, and brings together different platforms and collective computing world, summoning them to create a conducive meeting point for exchange of ideas and knowledge.

Historically, Campus Party has had a great power of public call for an unconditional support from the public and private institutions, and an extraordinary impact on the media that, year after year guarantee with their presence aroused interest in society.

The 250 youths who attended the first Campus Party, have grown to the 8973 who met in the last edition, held last July at the Feria de Valencia, last hosted the event since 2005. Today, the E3 Futura Association is sponsoring the event, falling on the organization of the company Futura Networks.

The dramatic changes in content available to users (who come with their own computers and technological devices) several content areas, which cover subjects ranging from digital creativity to robotics, including development of software, modding or video games, among others.

"We have managed to convey the enthusiasm of the participants in Campus Party to internationally recognized professional. Thanks to your input, we have enhanced the content areas and become a reality the motto that drives us: We unite talent. Creamos futuro. We create the future. More than 100 communities linked by technology, we have chosen as a meeting place and forum for exchange of experiences and knowledge, "says Belinda Galiano, president of the Association E3Futura.

The workshops, lectures, demos, competitions and other planned activities, give Campus Party training consistency and content that make it a benchmark event. And, more importantly, maintaining the participatory and collaborative spirit that has always characterized the event, demonstrating that the knowledge grows when shared.

Countless public and private companies have actively participated in and supported from its inception Campus Party: institutional sponsors as the Spanish Ministries of Science and Technology, Industry, Tourism and Trade, the Youth Institute, the Generalitat Valenciana, the City Council Valencia, etc., technology and telecommunications companies like Telefonica, HP, Cisco Systems, Microsoft, IBM, Fujitsu, Intel, Sun, etc., private companies like Coca-Cola, Accenture, Nokia, Xbox, PlayStation, BBVA, Intel, Iberdrola , Lycos, Electronic Arts, Vivendi Universal, and so on.

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