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Scene Plastiche

Art Exhibition & Live Music

An artisitc event fruit of a combination of works made with reclaimed urban materials and live music.
On Via Plebiscito there is a change in the air, with colours and respect for the environment!. Ostello del Plebiscito recycles and constantly works on the sensitivity of the subject. For this reason the hostel has decided to display the works of Sken� Spazio Creativo. Through the recycling of every day products and industrial products the artists of Sken�, Ivana Parisi, Beatrice Emmi, e Francesca Sotera are putting forward a recycled design as an alternative lifesytle that refers to the idea of recycling: tables, lamps, plastics, pipes and scenographic equipment.

Ostello del Plebiscito Catania

The event will open on 13 June at 8pm and from 14th June you will be able to visit the display from 5pm to 10pm.

The event will last for a week and on the last night the minimalist music group Bar Noir will be playing.

The bar as in an authentic framework where one an stop time, so that one can observe, taste and sharing ones own existance

Noir meaning the hidden side of our lifes and its strains, noir meaning walking blind on our own footsteps

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