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    10.02.2008 HOSTELS NEWS
    Paris, France [ Book Hostels in Paris ]
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  • Photo of ROMA FILMFEST!, Rome


    A look to the international Cinema in the eternal city.

    CITY LIVE in Rome, Italy

    [ Book Hostels in Rome ]

    After the first two extraordinarily popular editions with the public, the Festival Internazionale del Film di Roma will be back from October 22 to 31 2008, with films, retrospectives, meetings, exhibitions, concerts and major international stars. Once again, this third edition will be based on a blend of popular vocation and quality culture. Th...

  • Photo of Barcelona book fair, Barcelona


    Barcelona book fair

    EVENTS in Barcelona, Spain

    [ Book Hostels in Barcelona ]

    This October in Barcelona one of the worlds largest book fairs will capture the hearts and imaginations of a nation and the world. More than 13,000 book lovers and professional are expected to attend the 3 day event. This is the 23 establishment of the book fair. As we all know a good book is essential to passing the time while travelling. For ...

  • Photo of Travel with tecnology?, New York


    Travel with tecnology?
    be aware!

    TRAVEL INFO in New York, USA

    [ Book Hostels in New York ]

    If you are travel with tecnology, Ipod, laptop, digital camera, photos stores etc be eware that many viruses are there waiting for you. A computer virus is a computer programs that can copy itself and infect a computer without permission or knowledge of the user. The term "virus" is also commonly used, albeit erroneously, to refer to many differ...

  • Photo of Milans Fashion Week, Milan


    Milans Fashion Week
    a catwalk story.....

    CITY LIVE in Milan, Italy

    [ Book Hostels in Milan ]

    A fashion week is a fashion industry event, lasting approximately one week, which allows fashion designers or "houses" to display their latest collections in runway shows, and buyers to take a look at latest trends. And most importantly let the industry know, what's "in" and what's "out" for the season. The most prominent fashion weeks are held in ...

  • Photo of Erasmus in Rome!!!, Rome


    Erasmus in Rome!!!
    Looking for a room?

    HOSTELS NEWS in Rome, Italy

    [ Book Hostels in Rome ]

    Would you like to study in Rome? Searching for a place to stay for long time? Before you find a room you can stay with special price on M&J Hostel, contact us for more info. In Rome, you could combine study with fun, in the eternal city you can satisfied all your needs. Rome, the beautiful Italian capital, it’s famous in the world not only for it...

  • Photo of Hiking in The Grand Canyon, Los Angeles


    Hiking in The Grand Canyon
    For the Adventurous

    TRAVEL INFO in Los Angeles, USA

    [ Book Hostels in Los Angeles ]

    Hiking in the Grand Canyon is a serious undertaking. Like most things that are difficult the rewards are great. Astonishing views, a feeling of accomplishment, emotions and sights that you will never forget. Experiences like this are what define you as a person and will change your whole view of this planet and its ancient origins. Roughing it a...

  • Photo of Singapore F1 - First  at night, Singapore


    Singapore F1 - First at night
    The Uniqueness of Singapore

    EVENTS in Singapore, Singapore

    [ Book Hostels in Singapore ]

    The Beautiful and Unique Singapore Tired of going on vacations to places that you find it hard to see the difference between your home and the vacation destination. Go some where unique and check out Singapore where you can see formula one races, museums and festivals for everything under the beautiful Singapore sun. Some activities not to mis...

  • Photo of Berlin Marathon 2008, Berlin


    Berlin Marathon 2008
    in shape in Berlin 28 Sep 2008

    CITY LIVE in Berlin, Germany

    [ Book Hostels in Berlin ]

    The Berlin Maraton is one of the THE BIG FIVE marathons like New York, London, Chicago and Boston. It is the fastest marathon in the world due to its flat terrain. The run starts and finishes right next to the Brandenburg Gate, cross trough the 10 quarters of the city and touches the most important monuments as Reichstag, Potsdamer Platz, Berlin...

  • Photo of Las Vegas is the place to be in October, Las Vegas


    Las Vegas is the place to be in October
    Happy Halloween

    TRAVEL INFO in Las Vegas, USA

    [ Book Hostels in Las Vegas ]

    With so many events in the sin city in October its hard to imagine going anywhere else. Besides the ubiquitous gambling, drinking and general debauchery. There are many events unique to Vegas in the fall. The Las Vegas Fetish and Fantasy Halloween Ball The (in)famous and wildly popular twelfth annual Fetish & Fantasy Halloween Ball also takes p...

  • Photo of Texas Rose Festival October 16 through 19, Dallas


    Texas Rose Festival October 16 through 19
    a plethera of roses

    EVENTS in Dallas, USA

    [ Book Hostels in Dallas ]

    Texas Rose Festival October 16 through 19 Started in 1933, the Texas Rose Festival has become part of the fabric of life in Tyler and the surrounding East Texas communities. The annual Rose Parade helps kick off the event each year, but is just part of the fun. The festival also includes a Coronation Ball and the East Texas Symphony Orchestra...

  • Photo of San MiniatoTruffle festival  , Pisa


    San MiniatoTruffle festival
    Truffle paradise, Italy

    EVENTS in Pisa, Italy

    [ Book Hostels in Pisa ]

    November in northern Italy is the most exciting month for food lovers world wide, it is during this time that the truffle is brought to the surface and is ready to eat. No other food is more expensive, regarded and praised than this culinary delight. Due to its unmistakeable aroma and flavour the truffle has become the thing of legend, and its tim...

  • Photo of XL Leisure Group Plc, London


    XL Leisure Group Plc
    appointed as Joint Administrators

    TRAVEL INFO in London, England

    [ Book Hostels in London ]

    XL Leisure Group Plc, XL Airways UK Limited, Excel Aviation Limited, Explorer House Limited, Aspire Holidays Limited, Freedom Flights Limited, Freedom Flights (Aviation) Limited, The Really Great Holiday Company plc, Medlife Hotels Limited, Travel City Flights Limited, Kosmar Villa Holidays plc – All in Administration (the Companies) On 12 Sep...

  • Photo of Paris Chocolate Festival, Paris


    Paris Chocolate Festival
    Indulge in chocolate in Paris

    EVENTS in Paris, France

    [ Book Hostels in Paris ]

    An annual festival in celebration of chocolate is a dream come true for chocoholics and the large convention centre beneath the Louvre hosts just that Chocolate lovers may be delighted at the prospect of treating themselves to the offerings of Salon du Chocolat in Paris, open at the city's Porte de Versaille from October 29th to November 2nd. No...

  • Photo of Galway International Oyster Festival, Galway


    Galway International Oyster Festival
    The world is your oyster 25 / 28 September 2008

    EVENTS in Galway, Ireland

    [ Book Hostels in Galway ]

    The legendary Galway oyster festival will be here soon and for amazing seafood, without comparison Guinness, and live music there is nothing that rivals Galway’s. “He was a bold man that first eat an oyster” A bold man and a very intelligent one as well. The oyster is arguably natures perfect food. Needing no preparation only the ingenuity ...

  • Photo of III International FREAK-BEAT WEEKEND, Rimini


    III International FREAK-BEAT WEEKEND
    3 DAYS PARTYS AND CONCERT whit intenational DJs

    EVENTS in Rimini, Italy

    [ Book Hostels in Rimini ]

    PROGRAMME: Thursday 11th September Welcome party. Just to let you know you are now in Italy!!! Free pizza for everyone and the best music for the after travel Chill Out at the Sunflower Hostel Lounge Friday 12th September 22.30 - 04.30 Mod Overdrive Test at the Carnaby Club with International Top D.J.s Entrance Ticket euro 12.00 (1 Drink Incl...

  • Photo of Todaysart festival 2008  The Hague, The Hague


    Todaysart festival 2008 The Hague
    The Netherlands style

    EVENTS in The Hague, Netherlands

    [ Book Hostels in The Hague ]

    The 4th annual extreme modern art festival kicks off on the 26th and is just two days but the 20 venues throughout Hague are more than enough for the two days. The normally calm stately city is distorted into a sensual, courageous, artistic mecca. Presenting a gripping portrait of contemporary art in the intersections between music, visual arts,...

  • Photo of Darkness on the world, New York


    Darkness on the world
    17 September 2008 Light the World

    EVENTS in New York, USA

    [ Book Hostels in New York ]

    On September 17, 2008 from 21:50 to 22:00 hours. There is a propose to switch off all lights and if possible all electrical appliances, so our planet can 'breathe' a bot. We hope that the answer is massive, so energy saving can be brutal. Only 10 minutes off lights off to see what happens. Yes, we will be 10 minutes in the dark,or maybe we...

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