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    The Puntarenas Carnival
    02.02.2009 EVENTS
    Puntarenas, Costa Rica [ Book Hostels in Puntarenas ]
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    The Puntarenas Carnival in the coastal town Puntarenas of Costa Rica will be happening from the 5th until the 16th February. It is a continuous parade of carnival dancers and mascaradas, which are large painted smiling heads made to be worn by those in the procession as they dance to latino music.

    A carnival queen is chosen on the first day of the festival and everyone stops to see the crowning ceremony which takes place in the Plaza Pacifico. Afterwards there is a huge explosion ...

  • Photo of Las Fallas Festival 2009, Valencia


    Las Fallas Festival 2009
    Valencia hostels

    EVENTS in Valencia, Spain

    [ Book Hostels in Valencia ]

    Las Fallas Festival – Valencia (March) Valencia lights up from the 15th to the 19th March when Las Fallas Festival takes place. A free annual event that attracts around 2 million people every year the festival has bonfires lit with many explosions and parades to honor Saint Joseph, the patron saint of carpentry. Months are spent preparing the...

  • Photo of Brazilian rainforest in Germany, Leipzig


    Brazilian rainforest in Germany
    Leipzig Youth Hostels

    CITY LIVE in Leipzig, Germany

    [ Book Hostels in Leipzig ]

    The Panometer: Brazilian rainforest in the middle of Leipzig created by Yadegar Asisi. Central Globetrotter and Hostel Sleepy Lion…Leipzig awakes to a work of art : The world’s largest 360 degrees panorama with an image area of 3.200 m² ‘AMAZONIEN’ of the Berlin artist Yadegar Asisi opens from 28th March 2009 in the Asisi Panometer in ...

  • Photo of The Great Wall of China, Beijing


    The Great Wall of China
    Beijing Hostels

    CITY LIVE in Beijing, China

    [ Book Hostels in Beijing ]

    One of the greatest man made structures of the world is The Great Wall of China. Found in Beijing and lining the northern borders, the Great Wall stretches out over more than 6400 kilometers of land. Taking more than 2000 years to build and costing in excess of 2 million lives throughout the duration of construction, it's no wonder The Great Wall o...

  • Photo of Hostels in Italy , Naples


    Hostels in Italy
    No one is Like You Italia!

    HOSTELS NEWS in Naples, Italy

    [ Book Hostels in Naples ]

    Discover Italy with There is a lot to discover in Italy. Italy brings you the best climate, delicious food, very interesting history and a great culture. Hostels can be found all over Italy. Be sure you get a good travel and stay in the best hostels. We have select the best hostels in Italy for you. You can find them at www.hoste...

  • Photo of Sydney Hostels, Sydney


    Sydney Hostels
    Relax Down Under

    CITY LIVE in Sydney, Australia

    [ Book Hostels in Sydney ]

    Sydney, the largest and oldest city of Australia offers you a lot of sun, beautiful beaches, interesting museums, impressive buildings, relaxing areas and great festivals. With the subtropical climate in Australia, the 70 beaches of Sydney are very welcome to spend some of your days. Go to the famous Bondi Beach with its great surf- and beach cu...

  • Photo of Beware of guests who steal !!, Rome


    Beware of guests who steal !!
    Thieves in Hostels....

    TRAVEL INFO in Rome, Italy

    [ Book Hostels in Rome ]

    The night of 05/Jan (practically 2-4am on 06/Jan), two guys origine from Morocco robbed locker room in a hostel in Rome. ( It appened also in Vienna, Swiss, Germany ) They had boldly made their reservations through a booking portal site before they showed up. Guys whose names are Morad Zelmat (Booked as Zelmat M.) and Sami Lasfar. They stole ...

  • Photo of XVI BREAD & BUTTER Barcelona, Barcelona


    XVI BREAD & BUTTER Barcelona
    Urbany Hostel Barcelona

    EVENTS in Barcelona, Spain

    [ Book Hostels in Barcelona ]

    The XVI Bread & Butter tradeshow is opening on the 21st of January in the Barcelona Trade Centre (Fira de Barcelona) and will go on until the 23rd. This has already become an international cult appointment for the contemporary fashion culture, taking place twice a year. It is a great opportunity for buyers, traders, press agents and whoever works...

  • Photo of Welcome to EastSeven Berlin Hostel, Berlin


    Welcome to EastSeven Berlin Hostel
    ... the relaxed and familial Hostel in central Berlin

    HOSTELS NEWS in Berlin, Germany

    [ Book Hostels in Berlin ]

    The EastSeven Berlin Hostel is THE independent and comfortable Hostel in central Berlin. Conveniently located between the hustle and bustle of Berlin Mitte (the city's central district) and charming Prenzlauer Berg, the EastSeven Berlin Hostel offers the best of Berlin. Surrounded by caf�s, restaurants, bars, clubs and great shops, you won't have...

  • Photo of MTV Winter Concert in Valencia, Valencia


    MTV Winter Concert in Valencia
    The Purple Nest Youth Hostel

    HOSTELS NEWS in Valencia, Spain

    [ Book Hostels in Valencia ]

    As last year Valencia has been chosen by MTV to do their Winter concert and as last year, is going to be free entrance to the concert. MTV Winter Concert is going to be held in Valencia on the 24th of february, the scottinsh band, Franz Ferdinand, is the number one band in the concert but there will be many more not confirmed yet. The concert i...

  • Photo of Amsterdam hostels, Amsterdam


    Amsterdam hostels
    Everything in Amsterdam and surround!

    DESTINATIONS in Amsterdam, Netherlands

    [ Book Hostels in Amsterdam ]

    Amsterdam, the capital and largest city of the Netherlands is famous of its canals, its bikes, its museums, its night life, and the lot variety of people. Its a beautiful city with more than 750.000 residents on the outfall of the river Amstel. In Amsterdam are living 175 various nationalities, which makes the city the biggest multicultural city in...

  • Photo of One World International Film Festival, Prague


    One World International Film Festival
    Prague Hostels and Hotels

    CITY LIVE in Prague, Czech Republic

    [ Book Hostels in Prague ]

    Prague holds perhaps one of the most interesting festivals of the year with the One World Human Rights International Documentary Film Festival taking place from the 11th until the 19th March. Beginning in 1998 the One World Festival aims to provide the audience with films that '...expose abuses, encourage dignity, inspire solidarity and foster m...

  • Photo of Dublin Literary Pub Crawl, Dublin


    Dublin Literary Pub Crawl
    Dublin Hostels and Hotels

    CITY LIVE in Dublin, Ireland

    [ Book Hostels in Dublin ]

    Dublin Literary Pub Crawl (until end of March) You cannot leave Dublin without taking in some literary history when you join the Dublin Literary Pub Crawl. Until the 31st March you have the opportunity whilst in the city to head along on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights to learn about famous Irish writers, enjoy some Guiness along the way! Y...

  • Photo of India Republic Day Parade, New Delhi


    India Republic Day Parade
    New Delhi Hostels and Hotels

    TRAVEL INFO in New Delhi, India

    [ Book Hostels in New Delhi ]

    The importance of the country India becoming independant and declaring itself a Republic is celebrated on the 26th January every year. Since 1950 when the first parade took place, thousands of people have crowded on to the streets of New Delhi at 8am in the morning to see the mass of traditional dances and military drills which are exercised to per...

  • Photo of The Lights city PARIS , Paris


    The Lights city PARIS
    Hostels and Hotels

    CITY LIVE in Paris, France

    [ Book Hostels in Paris ]

    Culture Paris is the capital of France and the country's largest city. It is situated on the River Seine, in northern France, at the heart of the Île-de-France region (also known as the "Paris Region"; French: Région parisienne). The city of Paris within its administrative limits (largely unchanged since 1860) has an estimated population of 2,167...

  • Photo of Venice Carnival 2009, Venice


    Venice Carnival 2009
    Venice Hostel or Hotels, Book Now.

    EVENTS in Venice, Italy

    [ Book Hostels in Venice ]

    The Carneval di Venezia is without a doubt the most celebrated event of the year for the region. From the 13th until the 24th February the canals are packed with parties, music, masquarades, processions and theatrical street performances. The small walkways and canals come alive with visitors from all over the world to experience this event, the mo...

  • Photo of Chinese New Year, Shanghai


    Chinese New Year
    Shanghai Hostels and Hotels

    EVENTS in Shanghai, China

    [ Book Hostels in Shanghai ]

    The Chinese New Year has become something of a universal celebration. From the 26th of January until the 9th of February Chinese communities around the world take part in welcoming in the new year. Also known as the Chinese Spring Festival, this is an event that brings together many cultures to experience the various aspects of Chinese tradition in...

  • Photo of Purple Nest Hostel increase services, Valencia


    Purple Nest Hostel increase services
    more double rooms available

    HOSTELS NEWS in Valencia, Spain

    [ Book Hostels in Valencia ]

    Purple Nest Hostel don't stop growing We always thinking backpackers need better services and all oferts avalaible to suit your budget. Nest Hostels Valencia d'ont stop growing and giving all services to young travellers. For this reason we have prepare even more double rooms at best prices. Now you can book double rooms without bath for o...

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