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    London Beer Festival
    11.09.2009 TRAVEL INFO
    London, UK [ Book Hostels in London ]
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    Pig's Ear Beer and Cider Festival returns in 2009 with its 26th festival. From the 1st until the 5th of December 2009 the beer lovers can enjoy various tastes of bubbling alcoholic beverages from all over the world. London has always been known as the city of pubs. Festival's organizers are promising a fine array of pale ales, traditional ales, porters, ciders and parries. In addition, the event will also afford visitors the chance to sample vegetable-based brews. The main entertainment on the d...

  • Photo of Elevate Festival , Graz


    Elevate Festival
    Graz, Austria 21-26 of October, 2009

    CITY LIVE in Graz, Austria

    [ Book Hostels in Graz ]

    Five nights and five days in Graz. Festival that attracts the people enjoying the intensive life-style and atmosphere full of contemporary sounds. Nights that are fulfilled with various concerts, parties, and DJs from all over the world. Days - full of lectures, discussions, workshops and performances from various kinds of organizations, activists ...

  • Photo of Czech Inn and La Strada Partnership , Prague


    Czech Inn and La Strada Partnership
    Kicks off at Halloween Monster Bash

    HOSTELS NEWS in Prague, Czech Republic

    [ Book Hostels in Prague ]

    All Hallow's Eve 2009 found Czech Inn's Prague dancing to the sound of reggae, dressed in their finest costumes, and helping people in need here in the Czech Republic. Hosted the Halloween Monster Bash in their beloved brick-cellar basement. Local favorite, Ting sent waves of reggae to every corner of the old world style basement turned concert ve...

  • Photo of Indulge in a Tropical Christmas in Singapore!!, Singapore


    Indulge in a Tropical Christmas in Singapore!!
    Visit the cosmopolitan island nation of Singapore

    CHRISTMAS MARKET in Singapore, Singapore

    [ Book Hostels in Singapore ]

    Looking to escape the winter cold? Head down to the Little Red Dot, the summer-all-year cosmopolitan island nation of Singapore! Learn how Christmas is celebrated in different cultures at the hippest shopping belt, Orchard Road, where at least 6 mega shopping malls sit, the latest being Ion and Orchard Central, boasting established world brands. ...

  • Photo of Toronto - the Multicultural Capital of Canada, Toronto


    Toronto - the Multicultural Capital of Canada
    Enjoy Your Trip

    CITY LIVE in Toronto, Canada

    [ Book Hostels in Toronto ]

    Toronto, one of the highest populated cities in Canada is a city of many cultures and its heritage is an example of this. Toronto has been named as one of the easiest cities to live in due to it having countless positive qualities. Located north west of lake Ontario, the city welcomes thousands of visitors every year with its delightful attractio...

  • Photo of Underneath the Water, Atlanta


    Underneath the Water
    The Georgia Aquarium, Atlanta (USA)

    DESTINATIONS in Atlanta, USA

    [ Book Hostels in Atlanta ]

    Water covers more than three-fourths of the Earth's surface. Oceans, rivers and lakes are the home of numerous species of the world's living organisms. It's a completely different world: rarely seen and not modified by human hands, but waiting to be explored. So, would you like to take a look at what is underneath? Dive into the water world! 31,...

  • Photo of Consider Visiting Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires


    Consider Visiting Buenos Aires
    City that Never Fails to Impress

    DESTINATIONS in Buenos Aires, Argentina

    [ Book Hostels in Buenos Aires ]

    You'll be shocked at how much the city Buenos Aires has too offer, especially if you plan to take a quick break to try and see all the main attractions. The depth of the history of Argentina couldn't be more evident than it is within Buenos Aires. It was formed by the Spanish in 1536 and still today keeps hold of its latin roots. The city is not...

  • Photo of Marrakech  City of Arabian Nights, Marrakech


    Marrakech City of Arabian Nights
    October - April: the Best Time to Discover

    HOSTELS NEWS in Marrakech, Marocco

    [ Book Hostels in Marrakech ]

    Between October to April is consider to be the best time to visit the Marrakech, a beautiful city located in north African country Morocco. The weather during this period is described a pleasant which means you won't have to do your exploring in unbearable weather conditions.The city is full of wonderful buildings, museums, markets mosques and a...

  • Photo of Rome Jazz Festival November 8th to November 30th, Rome


    Rome Jazz Festival November 8th to November 30th
    Feel the Jazz Flow

    CITY LIVE in Rome, Italy

    [ Book Hostels in Rome ]

    Over November lovers of jazz can enjoy it in abundance. From the 8th to the 30th is the best opportunity to take in some international Jazz in the heart of the capital. If you're planning on taking a quick break over to Rome then this should definitely be on your to do list. The concerts will be held at the Auditorium Parco della Musica, well kn...

  • Photo of The World's Happiest Cities, Rio de Janeiro


    The World's Happiest Cities
    Cities for People that like to smile

    TRAVEL INFO in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

    [ Book Hostels in Rio de Janeiro ]

    Happiness is difficult to quantify. It cannot be measured by numbers, indicated by diagrams or derived with the help of equations. However, the list of Happiest cities in the world has been made by Forbes. According to the magazine, the list is simply a reflection of respondents' thinking about where they could imagine themselves happy. ...

  • Photo of November in Madrid, Madrid


    November in Madrid
    4 - 29 of November 2009

    HOSTELS NEWS in Madrid, Spain

    [ Book Hostels in Madrid ]

    Beautiful, lovely and expressive. It is said that a jazz is like a virus. Once you hear it, you cannot get it out of your mind. Visit Madrid in November and you will be infected by the sounds of jazz. Every year till the 26th of November Madrid becomes a capital of this genre of music. It is not a good enough reason to visit Madrid? Than we will gi...

  • Photo of And the Winners are ...'s 5th Anniversary, Rome


    And the Winners are ...'s 5th Anniversary
    Check out if you have won

    HOSTELS NEWS in Rome, Italy

    [ Book Hostels in Rome ]

    All good parties tend to have consequences. This time - the good ones. The 5th anniversary of brought out the best. Fabulous atmosphere, amazing music and international guests made this event unique and enjoyable. In addition, the 50 winners have been selected to spend their weekends in hostels all over the world. You can find a ...

  • Photo of The 5th Anniversary, Rome

    10.26.2009 The 5th Anniversary
    Get your flyer here


    [ Book Hostels in Rome ]

    Are you ready for the party of the year? The 5th Anniversary of will be hitting the eternal city, Rome on the 29th of October, 2009. To make the things better, we are preparing a little surprise for you: Search for the flyers of the party, present them on the day of a celebration at the bar "Living Room Cafe" and get a FREE WELC...

  • Photo of Berlin Wall Fell Down: World Stopped Being Divided, Berlin


    Berlin Wall Fell Down: World Stopped Being Divided
    7 - 9 November 2009 Berlin, Germany

    EVENTS in Berlin, Germany

    [ Book Hostels in Berlin ]

    On the 9th of November 2009 the world is celebrating one of the most important events in the recent history: 20 years since the fall of the Wall of Berlin. The Berlin Wall was the physical barrier separating the East Germany from the West Germany - The Eastern Europe from the Western World. The destruction of the wall symbolizes the fall of sociali...

  • Photo of Halloween Around the World, New York


    Halloween Around the World
    Worldwide, October 31, 2009

    CITY LIVE in New York, USA

    [ Book Hostels in New York ]

    When one thinks of Halloween they think of decorated houses, pumpkins or streets filled with children playing trick-or-treat. With November just around the corner, we turn our attention to what is one of the world's most popular holidays. While Halloween has been widely celebrated in North America for several years, it is becoming increasingly pop...

  • Photo of Moto GP Championship 2009 of Valencian Community in Cheste. , Valencia


    Moto GP Championship 2009 of Valencian Community in Cheste.
    Motorcycle Grand Prix of the Valencian Community is celebrated from the 6 to the 8 of November in Ch

    TRAVEL INFO in Valencia, Spain

    [ Book Hostels in Valencia ]

    Next days the 6, 7 and 8 of November all the emotion of the World Championship of Motorcicling returns to the Circuit with the last test of 2009, Grand Prix of the Valencian Community. With all to decide yet at this point of the season, the fans will enjoy three unforgettable days in the appointment by the Worldwide Championship in the Circuit. ...

  • Photo of Liverpool Design Festival 2009, Liverpool


    Liverpool Design Festival 2009
    30 October 8 November Liverpool, England

    TRAVEL INFO in Liverpool, UK

    [ Book Hostels in Liverpool ]

    Creation, realization, and performance of the art of fashion is coming to Liverpool in the late October. Liverpool Design Festival - one of the most-awaited events of the town. A celebration of design and fashion highlights the city's reputation as a center for fashion and design and follows the success of Design Show Liverpool in 08. The ten-day e...

  • Photo of The Day the World Runs Worldwide, Rome


    The Day the World Runs Worldwide
    Rome, Italy 24th of October, 2009

    EVENTS in Rome, Italy

    [ Book Hostels in Rome ]

    Everyone who is sharing a common passion - running - on the 24th of October, 2009 is celebrating the day of this sport. The Day the World Runs is an international, annual event that is held in more than 24 cities from Los Angeles to Rome. Runners around the world run together for a 10 km race. It is not a competition. It is a challenge of personal ...

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