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    Stay in M&J Place Hostel for Christmas
    12.17.2009 HOSTELS NEWS
    Rome, Italy [ Book Hostels in Rome ]
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    The true spirit of Christmas is about giving, sharing and loving! M&J Place Hostel has decided to do exactly the same! Book a room in M&J Place Hostel and meet the Christmas here! Stay in a private room or a dorm on the holiday period (between the 24th and 26th of December, 2009) and get a free welcome drink ! Just ask for more information upon your arrival at reception.

    M&J Place Hostel is offering great prices! Dorm rooms are ranging from only 9.99 Euro and private - from...

  • Photo of New Zealand - The Country of Wonders, Auckland


    New Zealand - The Country of Wonders
    Set of Living Postcards

    DESTINATIONS in Auckland, New Zeland

    [ Book Hostels in Auckland ]

    New Zealand, the place where the fabulous films of Peter Jackson, The Lord of the Rings, were filmed. Almost every activity in New Zealand has something to do with its beautiful, breath-taking nature, there's absolutely no doubt about that. In the northern island, there are active volcanoes, sweet hot lakes, and stunning geysers. In addition, it is...

  • Photo of Armenia Winter Festival 2009 , Yerevan


    Armenia Winter Festival 2009
    17 of December 2009, 6 of January 2010 Yerevan, Armenia

    EVENTS in Yerevan, Armenia

    [ Book Hostels in Yerevan ]

    Yerevan is one of the world's oldest continuously inhabited cities. Since the fall of Soviet Union it has changed its face rapidly. Presently it is a city that can captivate you with its modernity that blends with its antique heritage. For those who have not seen Yerevan in winter here are some tips to give you a taste of how beautiful winter is ov...

  • Photo of Tangomagia, 27 - 30 of December 2009, Amsterdam


    Tangomagia, 27 - 30 of December 2009
    Amsterdam, Netherlands

    CHRISTMAS MARKET in Amsterdam, Netherlands

    [ Book Hostels in Amsterdam ]

    Tangomagia is an annual international Tango festival held in Venice of the North - Amsterdam between Christmas and New Years Eve, from 27th to 30th of December. Although, tango was born in Buenos Aires (Argentina), but soon after spread all over the word. Amsterdam was one of the cities that quickly adapted to this genre of dance. In 2009, Amster...

  • Photo of Ostello del  Plebiscito - Catania , Catania


    Ostello del Plebiscito - Catania
    first anniversary the 20th December 2010

    HOSTELS NEWS in Catania, Italy

    [ Book Hostels in Catania ]

    Hey Guys, On the 20th December, Ostello del Plebiscito, Catania's newest hostel iscelebrating it's first anniversary so we are having a party to celebrate and to thank everyone. From those that have worked together with us, to those that have helped us along the way and also a special thanks to our many friends and clients around the world that hav...

  • Photo of Netherlands, Sint Nicolaas' Eve, Rotterdam


    Netherlands, Sint Nicolaas' Eve
    Yearly on the 5th of December

    CHRISTMAS MARKET in Rotterdam, Netherlands

    [ Book Hostels in Rotterdam ]

    Children of the Netherlands and Belgium rejoice, put your shoes in front of the fireplace, sing your best song, because the Sint is in the country and presents are on the way. After a long boat trip from Spain, Sint Nicolaas and his helpers were welcomed in the Dutch harbor city of Schiedam (It is part of the Rotterdam metropolitan area) by thousan...

  • Photo of Tallinn Christmas Market, 29th of November - 7th of January 2010, Tallinn


    Tallinn Christmas Market, 29th of November - 7th of January 2010
    Tallinn, Estonia

    CHRISTMAS MARKET in Tallinn, Estonia

    [ Book Hostels in Tallinn ]

    Probably there's no better time to be in Tallinn than during the winter holiday season. Why? First of all, because you’re almost guaranteed to see snow here. What is more, while the small market isn’t worth visiting for alone, it adds significantly to the old fashioned romance of the city. Tallinn’s market has only been running since 1991. No...

  • Photo of What You Will Find in Buenos Aires in December, Buenos Aires


    What You Will Find in Buenos Aires in December
    Visit Heart and Soul of Argentine

    CHRISTMAS MARKET in Buenos Aires, Argentina

    [ Book Hostels in Buenos Aires ]

    No matter what time of year you visit Buenos Aires you're bound to find the city in a mood of celebration. December visitors will still find pleasant weather in the city as well as a great traditional festival - Cambalache Festival. Argentineans are famed for their dancing. Not without reason it is said that the dance embodies the history and ment...

  • Photo of ASP World Championship Tour 2009, Miami


    ASP World Championship Tour 2009
    Professional Surfing Competition

    EVENTS in Miami, USA

    [ Book Hostels in Miami ]

    The Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) was created in 1976 as the main governing body for professional surfing. Before its creation, the surfing industry had not existed. There were only some groups of teenagers competing and showing off their respective skills against one another. Therefore, the establishment of ASP was considered to be th...

  • Photo of Sally's Vanili Creations, Paris


    Sally's Vanili Creations
    an adventurous traveller idea

    BACKPACKER STORIES in Paris, France

    [ Book Hostels in Paris ]

    An adventurous traveller from Malaysia, Sally travels a lot and had lived in Portugal and Spain. Finally, she has settled down in France. She has created a brand called ‘Sally Vanili’ for her own unique designed clothings, bags, brooches and home decoration. You can find her creations in shops at Collioure, south of France and www.sallyvanili.e...

  • Photo of Cabalgata dels Tres Tombs Festival, 17 of January 2010, Barcelona


    Cabalgata dels Tres Tombs Festival, 17 of January 2010
    Barcelona, Spain

    DESTINATIONS in Barcelona, Spain

    [ Book Hostels in Barcelona ]

    Barcelona can boast of one of its most unusual celebrations of January - Cabalgata dels Tres Tombs. This festival is also known as St Anthony's Day. Since the Middle Ages St. Anthony has been acknowledged as the Patron Saint of all domestic animals. Held on the 17th of January 2010, it famous for processions and blessings of animals that take place...

  • Photo of Gondola - Venice's Unique Maritime Craft, Venice


    Gondola - Venice's Unique Maritime Craft
    Venice, Italy

    DESTINATIONS in Venice, Italy

    [ Book Hostels in Venice ]

    Most of the world's famous cities have their own symbols. New York is usually called "the big apple", Paris cannot be imagined without Eiffel Tower, London is associated with the red buses and Buenos Aires with a dance of tango. One of the most romantic cities in the world - Venice - cannot be imagined without the gondola. It is a long wooden boat ...

  • Photo of Santiago a Mil Festival 3-31 of January 2010, Santiago


    Santiago a Mil Festival 3-31 of January 2010
    Santiago, Chile

    CITY LIVE in Santiago, Chile

    [ Book Hostels in Santiago ]

    Summertime in Santiago and Chilean capital fills with excitement when Santiago a Mil comes to the city. It is an event that presents a mix of mainstream and experimental theater performances. The city-sponsored festival was launched in 1994 for the first time, and at that time its program included only five plays. Since then the festival has become...

  • Photo of Christmas Markets in Berlin, our top 10, Berlin


    Christmas Markets in Berlin, our top 10
    Its getting colder its getting christmas time.

    CHRISTMAS MARKET in Berlin, Germany

    [ Book Hostels in Berlin ]

    The Christmas markets opened again. Go here to warm up with `gl�hwein`(mulled wine), find some nice christmas presents for your folks, enjoy the german way of celebrating christmas. Here you will find our top 10 of christmas markets in Berlin. Also we provide some more detailed info on one of the nicest markets in our opinion, the Lucia Christma...

  • Photo of San Francisco Sketch Comedy Festival, 14t - 31 of January, 2010, San Francisco


    San Francisco Sketch Comedy Festival, 14t - 31 of January, 2010
    San Francisco, USA

    EVENTS in San Francisco, USA

    [ Book Hostels in San Francisco ]

    The San Francisco Sketch Comedy Festival, is a comedy festival founded in early 2002. It is said that the laugh is the best medicine for anger and sadness. The annual Sketchfest never fails to please and impress the comedy fans. So get ready to uphold and improve the cultivation of good emotions. SF Sketchfest utilizes venues in and outside of San ...

  • Photo of KHATULISTIWA , One Of A Kind Wearable ART!, Kuala Lumpur


    KHATULISTIWA , One Of A Kind Wearable ART!
    Unique Clothing for Unique persons

    BACKPACKER STORIES in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

    [ Book Hostels in Kuala Lumpur ]

    A passionate traveller, Jolene, presents you a wearable art! She used to travel with the luggage all over the world and now is proud to present her store and unique clothing collection. South East Asia is famous for our hand-drawn batik and hand-printed batik. Hand-drawn batik is created when designs are drawn on white fabric with hot liquid wax;...

  • Photo of Christmas Around The World, Rome


    Christmas Around The World
    Worldwide, 25th of December 2009

    CHRISTMAS MARKET in Rome, Italy

    [ Book Hostels in Rome ]

    From religious festival to largest annual economic stimulus for many nations. Christmas has had a long history and many changes have happened so far. In general, Christmas Day is an annual holiday celebrated on the 25th of December that commemorates the birth of Jesus. The primary purpose of Christmas was to celebrate the incarnation of Jesus. Now...

  • Photo of WORLD BEST HOSTELS, New York


    2010 Hostels Selection

    HOSTELS NEWS in New York, USA

    [ Book Hostels in New York ]

    Don't be confused about the wide variety of Hostels all over the world. There are many offers but only some excellent choices. Confusion can be avoided! The best hostels are easy to find when you are using the right tools and when you are searching in the right places. Every year the websitepresents the travellers a selection of the best hostels al...

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