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    Vertical Marathon
    10.18.2011 EVENTS
    Bangkok, Thailand [ Book Hostels in Bangkok ]
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    For all the world end of the October associates with Halloween masks and scary stuff...but not in Bangkok, there on the 29th you will hear sound of the footsteps rather than some scary noises.

    There is a charity going on in the city, Banyan Tree Bangkok. All the members and fitness buffs run not usual marathon, which we know in Europe, they are running up 1093 steps to the 61st floor the Vertical Marathon.

    That's all happening in a very luxury hotel Her Royal Highn...

  • Photo of Your very own Paris, Paris


    Your very own Paris
    Moulin Rouge

    DESTINATIONS in Paris, France

    [ Book Hostels in Paris ]

    If it comes to romance, no doubt Paris is the right city to enjoy it! Known as The City of Lights, Paris with things to do and see is almost limitless. Considered in worldwide one of the most fascinating and romantic cities, the beauty of the capital is overwhelming and once you visit it, you get an unforgettable experience. Parisii is the histor...

  • Photo of Charming and welcoming Budapest, Budapest


    Charming and welcoming Budapest
    Excellent food and cheap wine

    CITY LIVE in Budapest, Hungary

    [ Book Hostels in Budapest ]

    The beautiful Hungary's capital Budapest is not only the center of administration, the main meeting point of the country and also center of industry, trade, transport, education and culture. The city has nearly 2,000,000 inhabitants, Budapest has become the most popular destination in Central Europe along with Prague and Vienna. The city is located...

  • Photo of Is it Safe to Travel to Athens?, Athens


    Is it Safe to Travel to Athens?
    Riots, Strikes and in Reccession.

    TRAVEL INFO in Athens, Greece

    [ Book Hostels in Athens ]

    So you've probably been watching the recent news on Greece and let's face it, it doesn't look good, but is it really that bad? In my opinion, speaking as a foreigner, honestly, no. I feel at this point I should state that I'm from Northern Ireland. To some the name of my country conjures up images of ghetto warfare, however,much like Athens, this ...

  • Photo of No Name City Hostel Madrid, Madrid


    No Name City Hostel Madrid
    Madrid Brand New hostel

    HOSTELS NEWS in Madrid, Spain

    [ Book Hostels in Madrid ]

    No Name Hostel is one of the latest hostels in Madrid, right in the heart of the city, very modern and low cos hostel. The location of the No Name is just perfect for those ones, who are in Madrid to discover all the beauty of the city. Just few minutes away from the most visited museums, like Thyssen , il Prado or Reina Sofia. Also for those ones ...

  • Photo of Halloween in New York City, New York


    Halloween in New York City
    Largest celebration in the world

    EVENTS in New York, USA

    [ Book Hostels in New York ]

    End of October is obviously a time for Halloween, the 31st is the night of costumes and mad partying all over the Western countries, many are looking for the answer on the question, how it started? Or how should Christian respond to this mad event? Halloween wasn't always as its now, its history dates thousand years back to ancient Celtic fest...

  • Photo of  Metropolitan Perth, Perth


    Metropolitan Perth
    Lively festivals and events

    DESTINATIONS in Perth, Australia

    [ Book Hostels in Perth ]

    The metropolitan Perth is a major destination for business, culture and arts and of course the main provider of free entertainment for the 1.6 million people. The city had an amazing growth in terms of inner city living, development and industry, daily servicing more than 100,000 visitors and workers . During the year, Perth offers lively festiv...

  • Photo of Internacional Cervantino, Mexico City


    Internacional Cervantino
    October, excellent month to visit Mexico

    EVENTS in Mexico City, Mexico

    [ Book Hostels in Mexico City ]

    Mexico is an excellent destination in any season, but in October is the best, countless festivals and events to enjoy. As it's the end of the rainy season, is the great time of the year to visit Mexico, temperatures are milder than the times of the year. Anyways it's an excllent month to visit Mexico. One of the biggest cultural festivals of the ...

  • Photo of Favorable weather in Amsterdam, Amsterdam


    Favorable weather in Amsterdam
    Cultural and creative center

    CITY LIVE in Amsterdam, Netherlands

    [ Book Hostels in Amsterdam ]

    October is official prove as the ending of Summer. The fall comes and colors the earth in incredible colors. So is Amsterdam, the most favorite tourist month for Amsterdam is October, favorable weather; some years even see full weeks of sunny days with minimal rain. That's a fact, you will most certainly enjoy Amsterdam in October. Even if often p...

  • Photo of Wealthiest Asian city, Seoul


    Wealthiest Asian city
    Breathtaking Seoul in Korea

    DESTINATIONS in Seoul, Korea

    [ Book Hostels in Seoul ]

    The amazing capital of Korea is also countries pride and the biggest city. Korea has a rich history behind, from the big Korean War, they like to call their 600 years old capital “miracle on the Han”. It has more than 10 million people, Seoul has a strong traditions, history and places to visit, to soak up its culture, every year huge number of...

  • Photo of Vintage Fashion Fair in London, London


    Vintage Fashion Fair in London
    Selection for all tastes

    DESTINATIONS in London, England

    [ Book Hostels in London ]

    As always London surprises and it's a city that never sleep, leaves falling and trees turning to shades of gold, even if the signs of Fall are everywhere and it feels a bit sad. London is having Vintage Fashion Fair on the 9th of October. And they are very prepared for this change of this season change. You will see some stylish pieces from th...

  • Photo of World Fencing Championships 2011!, Catania


    World Fencing Championships 2011!
    Ostello del Plebiscito Catania

    HOSTELS NEWS in Catania, Italy

    [ Book Hostels in Catania ]

    Last Minute World Fencing Championships 2011! An offer You can't miss! During the World Fencing Championships in Catania, from 8 to 16 October, Ostello del Plebiscito Catania offers its beds from Euro 15 per night, breakfast included, an occasion to fully enjoy this unique experience while staying in the heart of Catania. You will have the oppo...

  • Photo of China's 100 years revolution, Beijing


    China's 100 years revolution
    Collapse of the famous Manchu Dynasty

    EVENTS in Beijing, China

    [ Book Hostels in Beijing ]

    Exactly a century ago in an evening of 9th October 1911, a group of conspirators accidentally detonated a bomb in the Chinese city of Wuchang, they decided to carry out an armed insurrection in the city of Wuchang. They began sweeping the provinces of the Qing Empire, and three months later the Qing court abdicated, bringing to a close nearly tw...

  • Photo of Cornetto, croissant, gipfeli, Rome


    Cornetto, croissant, gipfeli
    Little piece of heaven

    TRAVEL INFO in Rome, Italy

    [ Book Hostels in Rome ]

    The italian cornetto, the French croissant, the german gipfeli..a beloved child has many names right!? This lovely, fluffy, puff pastry has been hanging in there for many, many years..It all started back in Austria during the 13th century with the Kipferl – the ancestor of the cornetti and croissants! The modern version of the Kipferl – corne...

  • Photo of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur


    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
    Remarkable cultural diversity

    EVENTS in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

    [ Book Hostels in Kuala Lumpur ]

    Kuala Lumpur is a very cyber Asian city. Where the past is still present, with huge British colonial buildings and hundred years old the Petaling Street night market is still on. Flowing together today with shiny and modern office buildings, shining with their towers. That all and more symbolize Malaysia's unhesitating leap into the future. Looki...

  • Photo of Gothenburg,  Westcoast, Bestcoast!, Gothenburg


    Gothenburg, Westcoast, Bestcoast!
    Paradise for Fashionistas

    DESTINATIONS in Gothenburg, Sweden

    [ Book Hostels in Gothenburg ]

    Gothenburg, the second biggest city of Sweden. A pearl on the westcoast with the feeling of a small town, but in the shoes of a big city. Yes, in Gothenburg you can find everything to suit all tastes – gourmands with a taste for everything from the ocean, will go crazy loco at famous seafood-restaurant Sjomagasinet, club-kids will calm down after...

  • Photo of Leeward Islands of the Caribbean, New York


    Leeward Islands of the Caribbean
    Preserved colonial city in Spanish America


    [ Book Hostels in New York ]

    Do you know, which is the best preserved colonial city in Spanish America? This small, magic town Antigua, just on the West in the Leeward Islands of the Caribbean, with its beautiful colonial architecture and amazing surroundings, makes you feel, like you've been trowed about 300 years ago. You will be amazed of the beauties of the ancient time...

  • Photo of Chocolate week in London , London


    Chocolate week in London
    Rococo Chocolate

    EVENTS in London , England

    [ Book Hostels in London ]

    Can it get any sweeter? London is having a chocolate week, Rococo Chocolate is throwing a whole host of exciting events during this year’s Chocolate Week, ensuring there are chocolate activities for all the family to enjoy. On 10th of October Hardy's Brasserie there will be delicious dinner featuring great menu from recipes taken from Rococo foun...

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