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    Etna day Trip by Ostello del Plebiscito
    03.27.2012 TRAVEL INFO
    Catania, Italy [ Book Hostels in Catania ]
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    Catania is the 10th biggest city in Italy and is a great place to explore magical Sicily from. As well as being reknowned for its nightlife, music and cheap restaurants, it is within easy reach of the main tourist attractions of Sicily.

    Facing the Ionian Sea, Catania is midway between Taormina and Syracuse, nestled at the foot of Mount Etna.Ostello del Plebiscito now has a great package deal for people wanting to visit Mount Etna specifically. the hostel.

    The tour, p...

  • Photo of Bangkok, Tourist paradise., Bangkok


    Bangkok, Tourist paradise.
    Thailand Capital

    DESTINATIONS in Bangkok, Thailand

    [ Book Hostels in Bangkok ]

    Bangkok is one of the twenty-six provinces that make up Central and Eastern Thailand. It's also the capital of the country and the largest urban area, sporting fifteen million people who live at a more relaxed pace than in any other giant metropolis. King Buddha Yodfa Chulaloke, who succeeded Taksin, moved the capital to the eastern bank in 1782, t...

  • Photo of Summer Olympic Games, London


    Summer Olympic Games
    17,000 athletes 2012 London

    CITY LIVE in London, UK

    [ Book Hostels in London ]

    This Summer will come with the Olympic Games in London. The 2012 Summer Olympic Games, officially known as the Games of the XXX Olympiad or "London 2012 Olympic Games", and will take a place in London, England, United Kingdom from 27 July to 12 August 2012. Millions of people from all over the world are looking forward to take a part in this magni...

  • Photo of Your Buenos Aires TO-DO List, Buenos Aires


    Your Buenos Aires TO-DO List
    Guide You to the top 10

    HOSTELS NEWS in Buenos Aires, Argentina

    [ Book Hostels in Buenos Aires ]

    Your guide to the top 10 things to try during your time in Buenos Aires – many are already well known but we' ve thrown in a few more unusual options for those looking to stray away from the guidebook terrority (you will note that we' ve left out the classic Tango show and football match!). Moreso, all of our options are budget-friendly! So Enj...

  • Photo of Lisbon and its narrow streets, Lisbon


    Lisbon and its narrow streets
    Seven hills city

    DESTINATIONS in Lisbon, Portugal

    [ Book Hostels in Lisbon ]

    According to the legend, the city is situated on seven hills. Lisbon and its narrow streets in pavements packed with Art Nouveau cafés offers you a lot to discover! The most admired spots in Lisbon are located around Baixa (that shows you a different Lisbon), Belém (have a look at the grandiose Mosteiro dos Jerónimos and the famous Torre de Bel...

  • Photo of Vancouver gets along with nature., Vancouver


    Vancouver gets along with nature.
    Beautiful and green

    CITY LIVE in Vancouver, Canada

    [ Book Hostels in Vancouver ]

    "So beautiful and green!" That is a short way to describe the Vancouver area. And it is not only due to its great green parks, all its fun activities organised around the nature, its cliff walks, its huge forests and its incredible wildlife, but also to the fact that it is the smallest carbon trail city of any major North American metropolis, wit...

  • Photo of Fathers day in Rome, Rome


    Fathers day in Rome
    Saint Josephs Day

    EVENTS in Rome, Italy

    [ Book Hostels in Rome ]

    There is mothers day celebrated, women's day....and also something for all great fathers...19th of March is the day in Italy and few more countries when we gather all the great fathers, making their day special, thanking them for being around, hopefully. It's also called Feast day of San Giuseppe, also Saint Joseph, Mary's husband, 19th of March us...

  • Photo of Paddys Day, Dublin


    Paddys Day
    Saint Patricks Festival

    EVENTS in Dublin, Ireland

    [ Book Hostels in Dublin ]

    Paddy's Day or Saint Patrick's Festival is the day is the national holiday in Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland, Montserrat, and the Canadian province of Newfoundland and Labrador. In the rest of Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, the United States and New Zealand, it is widely celebrated but is not an official holiday. So wear green,...

  • Photo of Alaska's great festival , Anchorage


    Alaska's great festival
    Streets covered with snow

    DESTINATIONS in Anchorage, USA

    [ Book Hostels in Anchorage ]

    If you are bored of the traditional stuff, like going skiing in Winter and going to the sea in summer, taking all the family,it feels just good, you will relax and spend a quality time with your beloved ones, but still, it feels like you doing the same old thing all over again, maybe it´s time to change something. What about discovering a new ...

  • Photo of Royal Palace of Madrid , Madrid


    Royal Palace of Madrid
    Prado Museum

    DESTINATIONS in Madrid, Spain

    [ Book Hostels in Madrid ]

    Art lovers travelling the world to discover new pieces of art, you did well to stop in Madrid! The capital of Spain is huge (the third largest city in the European Union) and considered as one of the top European destinations concerning art museums. The most famous are the Golden Triangle of Art, located along the Paseo del Prado and contain three...

  • Photo of Shanghai  above the sea., Shanghai


    Shanghai above the sea.
    Gorgeous city for tourists

    DESTINATIONS in Shanghai, China

    [ Book Hostels in Shanghai ]

    Shanghai was the largest and most wealthy city in the Far East already during the 1930's, and has remained the most developed city in China. Within 20 years Shanghai has become a gorgeous city for tourists from everywhere in the world. Beyond the Bund and Oriental Pearl Tower which is the outstanding landmark of Shanghai since its completion in ...

  • Photo of Mothers day in London, London


    Mothers day in London
    Fancy restaurants and musicals

    EVENTS in London, England

    [ Book Hostels in London ]

    Women's day has just passed by, I hope you gathered all mothers, friends, daughters and all women around you...but this fallowing Sunday is time for all the mums, and I'm sure they all deserve, sweets, even presents and one of the surprise could be nice spa day or beauty centre, just to make them feel special and turn the day into un...

  • Photo of Tunisia, a Mediterranean jewel. , Hammamet


    Tunisia, a Mediterranean jewel.
    Explore new destinations

    DESTINATIONS in Hammamet, Tunisia

    [ Book Hostels in Hammamet ]

    Country of the Arab Maghreb, Tunisia is bordered by Algeria to the west, Libya to the south-east, and the Mediterranean Sea to the north and east. Its name is derived from the capital, Tunis, located in the north-east. It is the smallest of the nations situated along the Atlas mountain range and the south of the country is composed of the Sahara de...

  • Photo of Holy week in Seville, Spain, Seville


    Holy week in Seville, Spain
    Wonders city,since the 16th century!

    CITY LIVE in Seville, Spain

    [ Book Hostels in Seville ]

    Well known for this saying "Quien no ha visto Sevilla no ha visto maravilla!" (Meaning more or less " who has never seen Seville, has never seen wonders"), the city of Seville is the biggest city of Andalusia and not only in size! With a very strong culture and history, the city has always attracted people from everywhere in the world for bein...

  • Photo of  Dublin Fair city, Dublin


    Dublin Fair city
    Best known Temple Bar

    DESTINATIONS in Dublin, Ireland

    [ Book Hostels in Dublin ]

    When travelling to Ireland you will realise two things: first, that the Irish population is really warm and nice and second, that you will never have time to see all the wonders hidden in this country in a life time…But as a starting point you should begin by spending a few days in the country’s capital, the famous Dublin. Dublin is a multina...

  • Photo of Festa Della Donna, Rome


    Festa Della Donna
    Romance in Rome

    EVENTS in Rome, Italy

    [ Book Hostels in Rome ]

    March is a month that mostly is recognized with women's day, and I Rome they do know how to treat women and how to celebrate...Women's Day is often celebrated by going out to eat so if you want to eat at a particular restaurant, it's a good idea to make a reservation. Some restaurants serve a special menu on this day, too. There are many locals o...

  • Photo of Santiago de Chile, Santiago


    Santiago de Chile
    Church San Francisco

    CITY LIVE in Santiago, Chile

    [ Book Hostels in Santiago ]

    Santiago also known as "Santiago de Chile", is the capital and the biggest city of Chile. It is located in the country's central valley.It is the Latin America most modern metropolitan areas and has a huge suburban development, plenty of shopping centres and remarkable high-rise architecture. The transport infrastructure of the city is very modern...

  • Photo of Marvellous of Istanbul, Istanbul


    Marvellous of Istanbul
    Essential part in turkish bath

    DESTINATIONS in Istanbul, Turkey

    [ Book Hostels in Istanbul ]

    Designated as one of the three capitals of Culture in 2010, Istanbul is packed of huge historic building, museums, art galleries that will fulfil your days of visits. You will have more than enough to see during the day and to do during the night. Numerous bars, restaurants, clubs are situated everywhere in the city! Istanbul, being the cultural ...

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