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    Venice - La Regata Storica
    08.28.2016 EVENTS
    Venice, Italt [ Book Hostels in Venice ]
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    Venice is one of the most exciting places in Italy, nothing in the world is like this great city other than everything that can meet, see streets and know, traffic, buses, taxis or any vehicle can not travel into the water, this is Venice, an island around each of its streets filling with water and joy and enchantment in every corner of this city.

    • Photo of What would $2 get you in Armenia, Yerevan


      What would $2 get you in Armenia
      Around Yerevan

      EVENTS in Yerevan, Armenia

      [ Book Hostels in Yerevan ]

      Thinking of an affordable destination to travel to? Somewhere with depth of culture and historic sights? Going down the list of countries in alphabetic order – you can stop at Armenia! So how affordable is it? Well, the team at Envoy Hostel is always looking for ways to help your money go further – so here’s a list of products an...

    • Photo of THE MUST KNOW SECRETS REVEALED, Barcelona


      Backpacker's guide to Barcelona

      TOP VISITED CITIES in Barcelona, Spain

      [ Book Hostels in Barcelona ]

      Barcelona, the capital city of the autonomous region of Catalunya, is an international hub for artists, food, sports and night-life enthusiasts, and lovers of Spanish and Catalan culture. From the lovely streets to the ocean to the mountains, the sheer magnitude of activities to do will leave visitors restless and in desperate need to go out and di...

    • Photo of Visit Osaka! , Osaka


      Visit Osaka!
      Japan 's fascinating history

      DESTINATIONS in Osaka, Japan

      [ Book Hostels in Osaka ]

      A City full of history, rich culture and amazing attractions Osaka although having a population of 2.9 million this city has a very down to earth relaxed atmosphere, unlike many of the other major city's in in japan such as Tokyo or Yokohama. This city is full of history and culture. It also has a great range of amazing outlets to try local c...

    • Photo of Unmissable things backpackers must do in Lisbon, Lisbon


      Unmissable things backpackers must do in Lisbon
      Portugal capital city

      BACKPACKER STORIES in Lisbon, Portugal

      [ Book Hostels in Lisbon ]

      Lisbon can be a  lifelong experience of discovery. However, as young travellers we don’t have the commodity of time, so here is the cream of the crop designed for those who only have a few days and want to leave feeling like you’ve felt the heart and soul of picturesque Portugal. Castelo de Sao Jorge St Jorge’s Castle tops ...

    • Photo of Secrets for exploring Dubai on a Budget, Dubai


      Secrets for exploring Dubai on a Budget
      The pearl of the Middle East

      TOP VISITED CITIES in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

      [ Book Hostels in Dubai ]

      For the average backpacker Dubai doesn’t tend to be on the list. It’s expensive to get there and between the gold markets and skyscrapers it seems like a life for the rich and privileged. So I understand why it doesn’t seem accessible for the budget adventure seeker. However, the emprise you find hidden behind the palm trees and...

    • Photo of London - Camden Town!, London


      London - Camden Town!
      Weird, wacky and wonderful

      DESTINATIONS in London, England

      [ Book Hostels in London ]

      Camden is and area of London home to Camden Town, that is world renowned for being a hot spot for a clash of different cultures and styles. Camden is always bustling and busy with locals flooding to the area for wild and wacky nights to remember. Camden is a central point for music in London with many different artists from many diff...

    • Photo of Rio DE JANEIRO 2016 Olympics, Rio de Janeiro


      Rio DE JANEIRO 2016 Olympics
      The event of the year

      EVENTS in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

      [ Book Hostels in Rio de Janeiro ]

      Why was Rio De Janeiro was chosen for the 2016 Olympic games? Rio is the cultural capital of Brazil and has an incredible history that separate in to four different zones (Barra, Deodoro, Maracana, and Copacabana) that will be used to host a range of different Olympic events.  Each zone has a rich culture and brings its own unique surrounding...

    • Photo of South Island, New Zealand, Queenstown


      South Island, New Zealand
      A magic experience

      DESTINATIONS in Queenstown, New Zealand

      [ Book Hostels in Queenstown ]

      A few years ago I had the chance to inmerse myself in a beautiful experience around New Zealand, a region in the south of the Pacific Ocean where not many people are aware of. I started travelling with a friend all along the West Coast, many Glaciers and pouring rain were all we could visualize though it was such a marvellous panorama and the atmos...

    • Photo of 8 things absolutely to see, Florence


      8 things absolutely to see

      DESTINATIONS in Florence, Italy

      [ Book Hostels in Florence ]

      If you’ve only got a few days in Florence, you’ll want to pack in as many sights as you can. So once you’ve checked in at the hostel, dropped your bags off in the room and headed off into the city, what should you go and see?   SANTA MARIA DEL FIORE CATHEDRAL (AKA IL DUOMO) The world’s 4th largest cathedral. Construc...

    • Photo of 72 HOURS IN VIENNA - CITY GUIDE, Vienna


      Vienna in 3 days - Wombat's Hostels

      TOP VISITED CITIES in Vienna, Austria

      [ Book Hostels in Vienna ]

      Never been to Vienna? Well, it’s about time then. There is a lot to be seen, and our tips how to see Vienna in three days may be a good start. Day 1: Encounter the old city After breakfast, start the day with a tour of the Imperial Palace, viewing the private rooms of Emperor Francis Joseph (ruled 1848-1916) and those of his wif...

    • Photo of Hostel ROOM Rotterdam 10 Years Anniversary, Rotterdam


      Hostel ROOM Rotterdam 10 Years Anniversary
      Be part of the experience, Netherlands

      HOSTELS NEWS in Rotterdam, Netherlands

      [ Book Hostels in Rotterdam ]

      The whole month they are celebrating 10 years ROOM with tours, special deals, and more bands and DJ’s. Time flies when you are having fun! The 26th of June it's already 10 years ago since we opened our doors! Countless international tourists have found “a home away from home” at ROOM and have taken the story of Rotterdam out into...

    • Photo of Lost for words in Lisbon, Lisbon


      Lost for words in Lisbon
      The vibrant soul of Portugal

      CITY LIVE in Lisbon, Portugal

      [ Book Hostels in Lisbon ]

      Lisbon is a city full of surprises and will leave you completely lost for words if you stop around for long enough to enjoy all that it has to offer. It has a very different feel to most other European cities, being split into seven very different districts (bairros), with each of them having their own unique character and atmosphere. From the sl...

    • Photo of San Francisco Attractions, San Francisco


      San Francisco Attractions
      The "City by the Bay" in the United States

      TOP VISITED CITIES in San Francisco, USA

      [ Book Hostels in San Francisco ]

      One of the best things about a visit to San Francisco is that despite being “big” in terms of attractions and amenities, the city is actually geographically quite small, and so you can soon get around and see a lot of what it has to offer. Consequently, San Francisco is a very easy city to see in a short amount of time, but it can also...

    • Photo of Top 5 London Museums and Galleries, London


      Top 5 London Museums and Galleries
      The powerhouse capital of the United Kingdom

      TRAVEL INFO in London, England

      [ Book Hostels in London ]

      London is a treasure trove of brilliant activities and days out worth boasting about. We're completely spoilt for choice with things to do in London, whether you live and work in the capital or you’re planning a holiday, and there's always plenty of ways to fill a free day with fun. A trip to the city of London wouldn't be complete without v...

    • Photo of Kuala Lumpur, a blend of East and  West, Kuala Lumpur


      Kuala Lumpur, a blend of East and West
      Discover Malaysia

      DESTINATIONS in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

      [ Book Hostels in Kuala Lumpur ]

      The city gives travelers a chance to learn about a different culture, a blend of the East and the West. The Kuala Lumpur Railway Station is a gracefully designed colonial building that combines Eastern and Western architectural influences, including Moorish and Indian. Visitors have described its style as unique and stunning. Visitors to Thean Ho...

    • Photo of The amazing city of Barcelona , Barcelona


      The amazing city of Barcelona
      Spain at its best

      TOP VISITED CITIES in Barcelona, Spain

      [ Book Hostels in Barcelona ]

      Barcelona is now one of the most popular cities in Europe situated in the eastern part of Spain in the region of Catalunya. It became more and more famous during the last century due to the Olympic games, and thanks to the monumental buildings of Gaudi's brilliant mind. Barcino (Barcelona) was originally populated by various iberic inhabitants, bef...

    • Photo of Paris, a magic elegance, Paris


      Paris, a magic elegance
      Enchanting France

      TOP VISITED CITIES in Paris, France

      [ Book Hostels in Paris ]

      Paris has a way of romancing visitors with its elegant beauty and magical ambience. This incomparable city is filled with grandiose monuments, yet the charm of Paris lies in the small details: the cobblestone streets, prettily trimmed trees, perfectly puffed pastries, dainty tea salons, Belle Epoque brasseries, and avant-garde art galleries. Pari...

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