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    Pukul Sapu in Indonesia
    09.06.2012 EVENTS
    Bali, Indonesia [ Book Hostels in Bali ]
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    Every September annually is famous and known as a end of Indonesian villages this time is highly celebrated, one week after Ramadan they have a ritual of Pukul Sapu, which means "beating brooms" . The men from the two villages beat each other across their backs with broomsticks, sounds cruel? But it's not, any wounds are then treated with coconut "Mamala oil", which is believed to have supernatural powers.

    If it happens for you to be in Indonesia this time, you will ma...

  • Photo of World Port Days, Rotterdam


    World Port Days
    Rotterdam show

    DESTINATIONS in Rotterdam, Netherlands

    [ Book Hostels in Rotterdam ]

    September is a month for exhibitions and fashion shows, but in Netherlands, once autumn arrives and the wind gets stronger, Europe's busiest port, Rotterdam Harbour, divulges all its secrets to the public during the annual World Port Festival, annually from the 7th September this event brings together many fans of sailing and boats, so if you are o...

  • Photo of Velospoke in Vancouver, Vancouver


    Velospoke in Vancouver
    Grand Fondo event

    CITY LIVE in Vancouver, Canada

    [ Book Hostels in Vancouver ]

    Anyone have some hobbies and things they like to do in their free time, you can be great at it, not so great, or just bad, but there's something that makes you happy doing it, mostly, if you like something you will be good at it, its attraction law...but bicycle is something , that just few people would deny, already from the childhood we have this...

  • Photo of International Fashion Week in Madrid, Madrid


    International Fashion Week in Madrid
    Glimpse of styles

    EVENTS in Madrid, Spain

    [ Book Hostels in Madrid ]

    If anyone would ask me, what's September famous for ,I would say for school, coming back to work and holidays blues...but I would never mention, for the fashion weeks, just because I'm not into that, but those girls who live fashion, won't have a doubt! Madrid is no doubt one of those cities, that has no need for some events to get millions of tour...

  • Photo of Gay Open Tennis, Milan, Milano


    Gay Open Tennis, Milan
    Homosexual Tennis Players

    CITY LIVE in Milano, Italy

    [ Book Hostels in Milano ]

    Italy is no doubt the capital of the fashion and great taste, no matter what someone says, they also have the best cuisine in the world, the gelato is melting in your mouth and tasting the real cream in every flavour possible. Clothes, chocolate, pasta and so much more represents this Latino country where people understand each other by hand gest...

  • Photo of Sagra dell'Uva in Rome, Rome


    Sagra dell'Uva in Rome
    Celebration of grapes

    DESTINATIONS in Rome, Italy

    [ Book Hostels in Rome ]

    The summer has ended, nearly, September is knocking the doors, and it's time for Romans to return home from their holidays. Rome has been calmest than ever during summer, as all the inhabitants were gone, only tourists in the city and no serious events to participate at all. The heat begins to subside and Rome slowly and finally takes a fresh breat...

  • Photo of Beauty of San Jose, San Jose


    Beauty of San Jose
    Cultular capital in Costa Rica

    TRAVEL INFO in San Jose, Costa Rica

    [ Book Hostels in San Jose ]

    I'm sure you have already planed your holiday from A until Z, but there are still some of you saying, you have no idea, even if it's so, there is never too late to discover some beautiful places, like Costa Rica, San Jose, you can go there even in September or October, still enjoying marvellous weather. San Jose is located in Central Valley, surrou...

  • Photo of Tomato fights in Spain, Valencia


    Tomato fights in Spain
    Tomatina, violent action

    EVENTS in Valencia, Spain

    [ Book Hostels in Valencia ]

    Tomato fights in Spain are known all over the world. Every year, on the last August Wednesday, in a town near Valencia Bunol, the partying starts early on that week, the highlight starts between 11am and 1pm on Wednesday. Thousands of fruit-flingers takes a part in the tiny village for unforgettable tomato fight. La Tomatina is the opportunity o...

  • Photo of Iconic travel destination, Tokyo


    Iconic travel destination
    Best sushi in Tokyo

    CITY LIVE in Tokyo, Japan

    [ Book Hostels in Tokyo ]

    Japan is considered to be one of the most iconic travel destinations in the world, it has become more than famous, home to an amazing array of sights, activities and events. No matter what age are you, whether you like wild parties, sightseeing and fancy restaurants with different kind of taste of life. Asia is really different world, people seem ...

  • Photo of Norwegian International Film Festival, Oslo


    Norwegian International Film Festival
    Amanda Award

    EVENTS in Oslo, Norway

    [ Book Hostels in Oslo ]

    While in mid Europe, the heat is getting even better, the rest of the continent is getting cooler , seems like its preparing for the autumn already, no more high temperatures and what they can do? They do the best they know, organizing many different culture, art and music festivals, for example Norway runs its most important film festival during t...

  • Photo of Largest commercial center, Shanghai, Shanghai


    Largest commercial center, Shanghai
    Chinese traditions

    TRAVEL INFO in Shanghai , China

    [ Book Hostels in Shanghai ]

    Are you looking for a perfect destination to get rest? To see something different than you used to see? Shanghai is a very dynamic and exciting metropolis of more than 18 million people, and considered to be the fastest changing nation, and it's not just living China's dream, but is setting the pace for the rest of the world. Sahnghai is located r...

  • Photo of Stop Making Sense, Zagreb


    Stop Making Sense
    Eclectic music mix in Croatia

    EVENTS in Zagreb, Croatia

    [ Book Hostels in Zagreb ]

    We are almost stepping into mid august, and all of us have some choices and planes made to go get rest and fun, depends which each of us is looking for...but there is something brand new for those ones, who have everything left at the last minute, more for youngsters. A particular name for this festival, Stop Making Sense, as you can see the name d...

  • Photo of Kwan Tai birthday Hong Kong, Hong Kong


    Kwan Tai birthday Hong Kong
    God of War

    TRAVEL INFO in Hong Kong, Hong Kong

    [ Book Hostels in Hong Kong ]

    There are many festivals during this period in China, but one of the most important and most appreciated is the Chinese festival in Hong Kong, which is one of the chief attractions in the city. Thousands of people from all over the world will turn out to join the celebrations, you will see fireworks, festive feasting, lion and dragon dancers, incen...

  • Photo of Fashion Week in Auckland, Auckland


    Fashion Week in Auckland
    Catwalk in New Zealand

    EVENTS in Auckland, New Zealand

    [ Book Hostels in Auckland ]

    This is the last month of summer, a time, when most of people are going on holidays and planing to get rest getting away from everywhere, but in Australia is one of bussiest times. One of the events is the model casting for New Zealand Fashion Week. Seven days you will be able to enjoy beautiful Auckland with all its attractions and of course all t...

  • Photo of  Venice Effect 2012, Venice


    Venice Effect 2012
    Italian culture

    DESTINATIONS in Venice, Italy

    [ Book Hostels in Venice ]

    There is so much to choose from when it comes to Italian festivals and celebrations. Doesn’t really matter, it's Summer or Winter, plenty things to do and to see. People heading to Venice with hope,. Having romantic holidays without any specific planes what to do, cos it's Venice, and it's enjoyable itself, but it's always better to organize a bi...

  • Photo of Chicago Air and Water Show, Chicago


    Chicago Air and Water Show
    Navy Blue Angels

    TRAVEL INFO in Chicago, USA

    [ Book Hostels in Chicago ]

    There is something fun these days in Chicago, perfect for summer day or vacation, if it happens to be there, the Chicago Air & Water Show, which presents two fun-packed days of spectacular air and water craft demonstrations on Lincoln Park's lake front, with North Avenue Beach as its focal point, from 18th until the 19th of August. Not to mention, ...

  • Photo of Perth Show, Perth


    Perth Show
    Clydesdale horses, Shetland ponies

    EVENTS in Perth, Australia

    [ Book Hostels in Perth ]

    Perth is one of the most visited cities in the world, have no idea if it's for its great weather, location, beauty, nature or all together making amazing atmosphere. The beautiful city Perth is a tourist's delight, with its tranquil waters of the Swan River, there is a bit of everything in Perth, modern and vibrant, contrasting with its historic co...

  • Photo of Celebration of Light, Vancouver


    Celebration of Light
    Vancouvers biggest Competition

    TRAVEL INFO in Vancouver, Canada

    [ Book Hostels in Vancouver ]

    Need some lights?? Go to Vancouver's Celebration of Lights, it's considered to be the largest offshore fireworks competition in the world, attracting up to 400,000 spectators along English Bay each evening. It has started already on 28th of July, but the culmination is still there on the 4th of August, the last day of the festival. In previous yea...

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