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    Paris Disneyland
    08.07.2013 EVENTS
    Paris, France [ Book Hostels in Paris ]
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    If there is one Must to visit, is definitely Paris Disneyland! From age 2 to 80 years old, an amazing entertainment for all ages. It's a dream for every kid and most of the adults, for an adult is more to visit Paris, and once you are there, catch the metro and get into wild magic land, where you can leave your worries and darkest thoughts , letting free your hidden child... it can be an overwhelming and bewildering experience for the first or second time, every single time in here is magic and ...

  • Photo of English afternoon tea, London, London


    English afternoon tea, London
    Pleasing every member of a hungry family

    DESTINATIONS in London, England

    [ Book Hostels in London ]

    London has never suffered from crisis in tourism and definitely not this year, when the royal baby was born, is still one of the largest urban areas in entire Europe, it's a city where Olympic games are held and where royal family lives, London is a center of everything, the major world tourist destination. Back in Roman times, London was called L...

  • Photo of Bangkok, city of Gods, Bangkok


    Bangkok, city of Gods
    Spiritual destination

    TRAVEL INFO in Bangkok, Thailand

    [ Book Hostels in Bangkok ]

    Bangkok can be described in few words, cultural phenomenon , tourist heave and heaven for shoppers, this metropolis is considered to be one of the most cosmopolitan, Bangkok has become one of the most iconic travel destinations of all times. Bangkok has still managed to keep its special charm, where two very different lives still live up, the influ...

  • Photo of Portugal, a  colourful tumbledown dream, Porto


    Portugal, a colourful tumbledown dream
    Streaming shafts of sun

    DESTINATIONS in Porto, Portugal

    [ Book Hostels in Porto ]

    Placed along hills facing the river Douro, the city of Porto is a jewel in Europe's best destinations. While definitely Portuguese, the city has an outstanding particular energy and overview, giving it also the title of nation, as the Portuguese use to say: O Porto e uma nacao. When the subject is wine, Porto is the teacher, and we just need to wis...

  • Photo of Natural gifts shine, Panama, Panama City


    Natural gifts shine, Panama
    Great ethnic diversity

    CITY LIVE in Panama City, Panama

    [ Book Hostels in Panama City ]

    Looking for your dream vacation? Not too expensive but still enjoying blue green seas and breathtaking views of highlands and snaking rivers, soaking up amazing tropical atmosphere...Panama will be a great destination for you. Panama was explored by Columbus back in 1502 and 11 years later by Balboa. It was the principal shipping point to and from ...

  • Photo of Feriae August Augusti, ROME


    Feriae August Augusti
    FERRAGOSTO in Rome


    [ Book Hostels in ROME ]

    This time in Rome will melt you down, when staying indoors with Air conditioner is the only option you have, even in the evening is still hot, and during the night is the only time when you are able to get some fresh breeze and breath ...perfect for all the romantic seekers in the city. The August is a holiday for Romans , they really know how to e...

  • Photo of Cinemas in Paris, Paris


    Cinemas in Paris
    French do everything with taste and style

    EVENTS in Paris, France

    [ Book Hostels in Paris ]

    Paris has a lot to see, we know. What about putting some action to your visit? Paris is a huge city with many hidden treasures of action for who doesn't like to be passive. This is a city with many skate spots, and is known for their quality. If you like skating, or would like to learn, there are many options of places to go. There is even a tour ...

  • Photo of Spirit of Guatemala, Flores


    Spirit of Guatemala
    Alma de la tierra, the Mexican wave

    TRAVEL INFO in Flores, Guatemala

    [ Book Hostels in Flores ]

    There are different type of travellers, each of us have a very different view of things and goals we would like to achieve, same is for the best destinations , one is looking for a fancy stay in Saint Troppez, for other one, edgy touch is just what they want...there are no "The Best" and "The Worst" ...diversity is a lifestyle, be different is som...

  • Photo of  Tall Ship Races on the seas of Baltic, Helsinki


    Tall Ship Races on the seas of Baltic
    Fascinating tall ships and yachts

    EVENTS in Helsinki, Finland

    [ Book Hostels in Helsinki ]

    There is a huge sea-sailing event going on every year on the seas of Baltic. The Tall Ship Races. Year by year gains more interest attracting people with multitude of beautiful sails, gorgeous ships and young people arriving to harbour from all over the Europe. Moreover there are always a series of events going on around in the harbour city. What a...

  • Photo of Tibetan Capital,life in Forbidden Lhasa, Lhasa


    Tibetan Capital,life in Forbidden Lhasa
    Statues of Buddha, brought by two princesses

    CITY LIVE in Lhasa, China

    [ Book Hostels in Lhasa ]

    One of the highest cities in the world, Lhasa, is the capital and spiritual centre of Tibet, in China. It can be considered the top of the world if not the heaven on earth. It's a trip to spiritually interested people and adventurous travellers. If you don't fit on those characteristics, you won't find Tibet too interesting. The views are amazing a...

  • Photo of Gothic cathedrals and majestic monasteries, Lisbon


    Gothic cathedrals and majestic monasteries
    Lovely backstreets of Lisbon

    TRAVEL INFO in Lisbon, Portugal

    [ Book Hostels in Lisbon ]

    Like the city of Rome, Lisbon is built on seven hills, and it is one of the few European important cities facing the Atlantic. Home for the great explorers, as Vasco da Gama, this city is the second oldest capital in Europe and an important place for you to start understanding this Continent. The best place to start your trip around Lisbon is the...

  • Photo of Vancouver, best city to live in, Vancouver


    Vancouver, best city to live in
    Food Tour, The Eat!

    CITY LIVE in Vancouver, Canada

    [ Book Hostels in Vancouver ]

    Situated between the Pacific and the Coast mountains, Vancouver is very frequently listed as one of the "best cities to live in", and to merit this designation, its food couldn't be less than awesome. You can expect to find good and fresh seafood, vegetables and fruits, and also countless Asian food restaurants. Vancouver please the eyes, but most ...

  • Photo of Berlin for nature lovers, Berlin


    Berlin for nature lovers
    Largest green garden area

    TRAVEL INFO in Berlin, Germany

    [ Book Hostels in Berlin ]

    An alternative trip for many, or maybe the main trip for you. Who would say that spending some time in the middle of wood right inside Berlin is a bad experience? What about swimming in a blue watered lake? This kind of Berlin exists. Beyond the landmarks and nightclubs there are some special and unique places for you, who already experienced Berli...

  • Photo of  Thoughts of a paradise, Bali


    Thoughts of a paradise
    Essence of Bali, Indonesia

    DESTINATIONS in Bali, Indonesia

    [ Book Hostels in Bali ]

    There are many spectacular place around the world , but seems like only one has a magnet at its heart, keep attracting people from all over the world, Bali no doubt is one of the best places on earth . Addiction to Indonesia is hard to understand unless you have experienced it on your own skin, Bali has two climates only as its just just 8o sout...

  • Photo of Masterpieces of Louvre, Paris, Paris


    Masterpieces of Louvre, Paris
    Mona Lisa and Aphrodite, beauty and love

    DESTINATIONS in Paris, France

    [ Book Hostels in Paris ]

    The Louvre Museum is a must-see when in Paris, but it is enormous and the number of people that get lost in the infinite rooms and corridors is also big. So, if you are going to Paris, and don't want to spend time wandering around places with not so important artworks, here come the tips: there are nine important masterpieces in Louvre, that you sh...

  • Photo of Beagle Channel Sunsets, Ushuaia


    Beagle Channel Sunsets
    Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego

    DESTINATIONS in Ushuaia, Argentina

    [ Book Hostels in Ushuaia ]

    Usually regarded as the southernmost city in the world, Ushiaia was first visited by Europeans in 1833 that came in the HMS Beagle, having Gerald FitzRoy as captain and Charles Darwin as biologist. The first civilization to settle in Ushuaia was the Yaghan, indigenous people that were believed to be the "missing link" by Darwin. They used to keep f...

  • Photo of Boat party in Ibiza, Ibiza


    Boat party in Ibiza
    Paradise on Earth for clubbers

    TRAVEL INFO in Ibiza, Spain

    [ Book Hostels in Ibiza ]

    The best destination in Europe to party, Ibiza, is a paradise on Earth for clubbers. The island is part of the Balearic Islands, in Spain, and host three cities: San Antonio, Ibiza Town and Santa Eulària des Riu. Also called "Islas Pitiusas" by Greeks for its pine trees all over the place, Ibiza became in the last decades a destination for young f...

  • Photo of Wild Cape Town, Cape Town


    Wild Cape Town
    Mother city of South Africa

    TRAVEL INFO in Cape Town, South Africa

    [ Book Hostels in Cape Town ]

    A city like no other city in the world, with a unique location and a stunning cityscape, the mother city of South Africa, Cape Town, is that kind of destination that won't let you rest for one minute: with so many things to explore, to see and do, and with all the amazing particular flora and fauna to get in touch, you won't allow yourself to leave...

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