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    Link Corner Hostel
    11.21.2013 SELECTED HOSTELS
    Bangkok, Thailand [ Book Hostels in Bangkok ]
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    The city of gods, one of the most iconic travel destinations of all times, Bangkok. The capital has managed to keep its special charm, where two very different lives still live up, the influence of the past can be felt in each single monument in the city, still living the colors of daily life. Not to even mention the people in here, being friendly, easy going and very tolerant with a real sense of freedom, driving Bangkok's unique flavor.

    It's definitely worth visiting, if you are...

  • Photo of Jakarta, everything flows calmly, Jakarta


    Jakarta, everything flows calmly
    Huge and very sprawling metropolis

    TRAVEL INFO in Jakarta, Indonesia

    [ Book Hostels in Jakarta ]

    Escaping from the messy world we are used to, searching for that mind blowing and particularly unique dream vacation, Indonesia will surprise you, offering exactly what you need. Bali is not the only place to see, if you need something more edgy and cool, Jakarta will be the place to be. With beautiful and positive people, this dynamic city won't l...

  • Photo of Christmas Market in Leipzig, Leipzig


    Christmas Market in Leipzig
    November, 26 to December, 23 Germany

    CHRISTMAS MARKET in Leipzig, Germany

    [ Book Hostels in Leipzig ]

    This year's Christmas Market in Leipzig will take place from November, 26 to December, 23. And as every year it will attract thousands of visitors to our beautiful city. The Christmas Market in Leipzig is one of the biggest and most popular markets in the whole country and it is also the second oldest one with a history going back to the 15th cent...

  • Photo of Reveillon at Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro


    Reveillon at Rio de Janeiro
    Cidade maravilhosa

    EVENTS in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

    [ Book Hostels in Rio de Janeiro ]

    Haven't decided yet where to celebrate the new year? Don't you worry about it, Rio annually helds Reveillon, an amazing New year's celebration, in the heart of Cidade maravilhosa. Keep in your mind that Rio covers one of the most spectacular settings of any metropolis in the world, so imagine, how impressive the fireworks could be?! Reveillon is th...

  • Photo of Equity Point hostel, Marrakech


    Equity Point hostel
    Marrakesh in Morocco

    SELECTED HOSTELS in Marrakech, Morocco

    [ Book Hostels in Marrakech ]

    There is no time to waste for boring linear logic in Marrakesh, take as much as you can and breath it all in from these boggling distractions and labyrinthine alleyways. Marrakech lies back in time, letting you leave the world behind you, everything is charming here, from donkey carts to leather poufs, have a cup of mint tea or get to the art gall...

  • Photo of First modern city in the world, Manchester


    First modern city in the world
    Manchester, rich with history

    TRAVEL INFO in Manchester, England

    [ Book Hostels in Manchester ]

    Even if Manchester is the second city in United Kingdom, to the question how it feels to be second, Mancunian would reply with " Dunno, ask Londoners "... The city is rich with history and culture, traditions and believes, easily explored in its plethora of noteworthy museums and galleries, offering you so much more than just its name. Manchester i...

  • Photo of 06 Central Hostel, Buenos Aires


    06 Central Hostel
    Buenos Aires in Argentina

    SELECTED HOSTELS in Buenos Aires, Argentina

    [ Book Hostels in Buenos Aires ]

    Buenos Aires is the capital and the largest city of Argentina with 2,891,082 inhabitants (13 million in metropolitan area ). It is one of the largest metropolises in South America and home to one of the major ports of the continent. It is the second largest city in South America for economic importance. So why not visit this amazing city by checki...

  • Photo of Sundance Festival in Park City, Park City


    Sundance Festival in Park City
    Thousands of independent films

    EVENTS in Park City, USA

    [ Book Hostels in Park City ]

    Park city is worldwide famous for great mountain resorts, with stunning main street, that combines exciting nightlife, fabulous restaurants and multimillion-dollar houses abut the valleys, it could be you dream destination. Annually Park city organizes Sundance Festival that starts at 16th of January lasting a whole week. Sundance is a favorite Pa...

  • Photo of Athens, fascinating place, Athens


    Athens, fascinating place
    Saint Nicholas

    EVENTS in Athens, Greece

    [ Book Hostels in Athens ]

    People usually have love or hate relationship with Greece's capital Athens, it all depends what you are looking for, those ones who love Greece, admire the wide variety of things to see in Athens, those hating it, do not appreciate the fact that half of Greece's population lives in this busy capital, making it a bit of chaos. No matter what, Athens...

  • Photo of Tokyo Open Air Architectural Museums, Tokyo


    Tokyo Open Air Architectural Museums
    Glimpse of life of old Edo

    EVENTS in Tokyo, Japan

    [ Book Hostels in Tokyo ]

    Tokyo, originally called Edo, has lost a lot of important monuments, buildings and valuable places, because of floods, fires and earthquakes, but it has never lost its importance in the world, standing next to and being equal in sophistication to New York and London, Tokyo has always been a step ahead. The metropolis is a fascinating contrast of t...

  • Photo of Thunder Bay International Hostel, Thunder Bay


    Thunder Bay International Hostel
    Thunder Bay Ontario Canada

    SELECTED HOSTELS in Thunder Bay, Canada

    [ Book Hostels in Thunder Bay ]

    While in Canada, make sure to take your time to stay at Thunder Bay International Hostel in the outskirts of Thunder Bay in Northwestern Ontario! You won't regret exploring the banks of the MacKenzie River or swim under the MacKenzie Falls or cliff-dive off Silver Harbour in the heart of the Canadian Shield. There are paths through the pine s...

  • Photo of Santa Claus Run, London, London


    Santa Claus Run, London
    Red and White bearded runners

    EVENTS in London, England

    [ Book Hostels in London ]

    December is not far away, and so is Christmas, long awaited stress event that will set your nerves on fire, but English have always known how to take a joke out of it. And here it is, Santa Claus Run 2013, annually held on the 7th of December, with both 5km and a 10km route, santas of all abilities can get involved, and you get your santa suit for ...

  • Photo of EOL777 GOERLITZ HOSTEL  , Goerlitz


    Goerlitz Germany

    SELECTED HOSTELS in Goerlitz, Germany

    [ Book Hostels in Goerlitz ]

    EOL777 GOERLITZ a hostel and a city shared by two contries! If you travel from Dresden to Wroclaw...we are just in the middle..if u come from Berlin to Prague..we are in between...or if u cycling from Baltic sea to Mediterranean sea...we are on your way..A dynamic cultural life around the corner, two countries one city and view of St. Peter's or ...

  • Photo of Art Basel Miami Beach, Miami


    Art Basel Miami Beach
    Panel discussions, film shows, dinners...

    EVENTS in Miami, USA

    [ Book Hostels in Miami ]

    Miami Beach has it all, splendor, glam, wealth, glittering nightlife, sexy people queuing for fashion clubs, but also an exciting mixture of cultures, hot air, humidity and crazy weather with hurricanes, that makes the city spicy, fast and furious. No surprise that Miami attracts many visitors and out-ranks other US cities in cultural events. For ...

  • Photo of Hi Montreal Hostel, Montreal


    Hi Montreal Hostel
    Montreal, Canada

    SELECTED HOSTELS in Montreal, Canada

    [ Book Hostels in Montreal ]

    Hi hostel in Montreal is situated centrally downtown, its location opens up the possibility to go everywhere in this beautiful city. With everything from shopping, cafes, restaurants, pubs, bars and nightclubs nearby, Hi hostel really is the place to stay. The hostel offers, towels, sheets, luggage hold and breakfast. Services here are many includ...

  • Photo of Istanbul Design week, Istanbul


    Istanbul Design week
    Powerhouse of treasures

    EVENTS in Istanbul, Turkey

    [ Book Hostels in Istanbul ]

    Have you ever been to Istanbul, the powerhouse of treasures, and it's not just the sum of few important monuments that makes up all Istanbuls fame, it's locals who have brought all this with their love and passion for their capital, having great love for life and generosity of spirit. Istanbul is full of people working very hard, but also not forge...

  • Photo of Hostel Taormina, Taormina


    Hostel Taormina
    Sicily, Italy

    SELECTED HOSTELS in Taormina, Italy

    [ Book Hostels in Taormina ]

    Taormina, the Pearl of the Mediterranean Sea, is one of the most touristic and beautiful places in Sicily. People can think it's too expensive to organize a proper holiday in town, but here you are Hostel Taormina, pefect for your low cost holiday! Hostel Taormina is seattled in the center of the center, close to the most important attractivines...

  • Photo of Buenos Aires Marathon, Buenos Aires


    Buenos Aires Marathon
    City with tons of elegance and charm

    EVENTS in Buenos Aires, Argentina

    [ Book Hostels in Buenos Aires ]

    Travelling to Buenos Aires, be prepared for one thing, it's unlike any other city in the world, with a bit of danger passing through slick neighborhoods and equally downtrodden ones, a bit of great shopping with so much diverse stuff, a bit of frenzied nightlife, a bit or a little more of delicious cuisine and yes, a lot, tons of elegance and cha...

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