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    Bratislava, most amazing modern arts
    01.10.2014 TRAVEL INFO
    Bratislava, Slovakia [ Book Hostels in Bratislava ]
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    Lost in the world, that barely keeps the old folkways, that signs up for anything and everything that's new and modern, it becomes so rare to find something original, unique and specific to each country...Slovakia is the winner,with castle ruins, mountainous national parks and traditional villages that represents the same exact things and traditions as centuries ago.

    Its small capital Bratislava might not be worldwide known best city to visit, with modern skyscrapers or the opposi...

  • Photo of There is no other city like Tokyo, Tokyo


    There is no other city like Tokyo
    Coming of Age Day

    EVENTS in Tokyo, Japan

    [ Book Hostels in Tokyo ]

    There is no other city in the world as Tokyo, I'm sure everyone says that for each city they visit, most of them are different, but some really are similar, Tokyo is totally unique and easy flowing, iconic and full of amazing array of sights, it perfectly matches both, the modern and old world charm. even if it's your first visit to this metropolis...

  • Photo of Impassioned about coffee, gossip and politics, Mykonos


    Impassioned about coffee, gossip and politics
    First Olympic games in honor of Zeus

    DESTINATIONS in Mykonos, Greece

    [ Book Hostels in Mykonos ]

    It might be hard to describe Greeks with few words, they have a lot and put a lot of passion into everything they do and own...they adore coffee, art, politics and a lot of gossip. A country that has the strongest believes in religion and how would they not have the best and most beautiful temples of ancient Greece. They also invented athletic cont...

  • Photo of Grenada, green hills and white beaches, Carriacou


    Grenada, green hills and white beaches
    Tiny charmers, Carriacou and Petit Martinique

    CITY LIVE in Carriacou, Grenada

    [ Book Hostels in Carriacou ]

    Grenada is one of the top destinations in South America, it is a three island state, Grenada, Carriacou and Petit Martinique, Grenada is the largest of all three. The island is located in the Eastern Carribbean at the south, you will be impressed by island's green hills and white beaches. the island is volcanic traversed by a mountain range, with t...

  • Photo of Florida, place that captures the imagination , Miami


    Florida, place that captures the imagination
    Paradise, disturbed by Miamis condos

    TRAVEL INFO in Miami, USA

    [ Book Hostels in Miami ]

    Feeling like you had enough of snow and cold? Disney described this city as place that captures imagination, and he was right, from the very beginning Spanish explorers wanted Florida to be their so bad, they saw manatees and imagined mermaids, after they have seen Florida's demons and sold it as paradise to Americans...Florida seems to be a paradi...

  • Photo of Hostel hostel +, Belgrade


    Hostel hostel +
    Belgrade, Serbia

    SELECTED HOSTELS in Belgrade, Serbia

    [ Book Hostels in Belgrade ]

    Belgrade is the capital and largest city of Serbia. It is located at the confluence of the Sava and Danube rivers, where the Pannonian Plain meets the Balkans. Its name translates to White city. Hostel Hostel + is located in a redesigned space of a two-floor building near the Belgrade Botanical Garden in the center of the city. There is a cafe...

  • Photo of Costa Rica or Rich Coast, San Jose


    Costa Rica or Rich Coast
    Paradise on earth

    TRAVEL INFO in San Jose, Costa Rica

    [ Book Hostels in San Jose ]

    Planning vacation that you will never forget? Try Costa Rica, lying between Nicaragua and Panama. Costa Rica is marvellous country with diverse culture, history, nature activities and people living in there, being proud of who they are and where they come from. Once you travel to Costa Rica , you will realize that you are visiting one of Latin Am...

  • Photo of Sales in London, London


    Sales in London
    Boxing day, Oxford Street

    EVENTS in London, England

    [ Book Hostels in London ]

    Once all the festivals and celebrations are over, the only last thing can empty wallet even more and fulfil your heart, is shopping with the best sells. London is the perfect place to do that, with a sale that actually is real, all they want to empty the shops from the old collections and old year...It starts right after christmas and lasts until ...

  • Photo of Primer Bany de L'Any, Barcelona


    Primer Bany de L'Any
    Sant Sebastian Beach, Barcelona

    EVENTS in Barcelona, Spain

    [ Book Hostels in Barcelona ]

    Okay, we all know that Spanish are the first up to the Festa, there is no need for particular occasion or reason, but if they have one, they will party even harder. If most of the world celebrates hard the last day of the year, and next day is usually heavy hangovers and eating all they long and going back to sleep, Spanish continue the celebration...

  • Photo of Happy New Year 2014, Tokyo


    Happy New Year 2014
    Tokyo begining

    EVENTS in Tokyo, Japan

    [ Book Hostels in Tokyo ]

    Haven't decided yet where to go and with who to celebrate the new beginning of the 2014? New Years Eve is celebrated world-wide by all people, doesn't matter of their nationality or their religion. We are all waiting for this special night and carefully preparing for it..Japan is a country without exception, specially Tokyo is a great city to be...

  • Photo of New Year's Eve in Rome, Rome


    New Year's Eve in Rome
    A great night to start the new Year 2014

    EVENTS in Rome, Italy

    [ Book Hostels in Rome ]

    The night of the New Year's , a long awaited night, that washes away all the old year and sets humans on a new hope , a better, brighter and more successful new year! In Italy is known as Feast of Saint Sylvester or San Silvestro, celebrated all over Rome, at the main squares and public places music, dancing and fireworks will going on. The main...

  • Photo of Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival, Beijing


    Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival
    Harbin Lantern show

    TRAVEL INFO in Beijing, China

    [ Book Hostels in Beijing ]

    The cold has taken Europe, but you can't imagine what is expected in Asia...the annual Ice and Snow Sculpture festival with -35 degrees, so prepare your gloves, hats and curiosity, that will open you a brand new world of ice...Harbin annually hosts this beautiful festival, gathering thousands of people from all over the world together, with some of...

  • Photo of Liechtenstein, stunning natural beauty, Schaan


    Liechtenstein, stunning natural beauty
    Fabulous wine and cheese

    TRAVEL INFO in Schaan, Liechtenstein

    [ Book Hostels in Schaan ]

    Liechtenstein might be the sixth smallest country in the world, but what it might offer is a lot more than some of the biggest countries. Mother nature loves it a lot, giving it a spectacular views of craggy cliffs, quaint villages, some of the greenest forests and very friendly people to start with, being happy and very welcoming. Liechtenstein ...

  • Photo of Tea houses, where Seoul's soul lies, Seoul


    Tea houses, where Seoul's soul lies
    Boseong Green Tea Plantation Light Festival

    EVENTS in Seoul, South Korea

    [ Book Hostels in Seoul ]

    Morning temples, gallery hopping in Insa dong, streets full of snacks and Soju, which is vodka like drink to warm you up, shopping in the buzzing Dongdaemun night markets, parties in the best nightclubs in Hongdae or Itaewon, anytime you want it, the Seoul will provide it for you! City, that for sure has one common religion, drinking tea, Seoul is ...

  • Photo of B&B Globetrotter , Catania


    B&B Globetrotter
    Catania, Italy

    CITY LIVE in Catania, Italy

    [ Book Hostels in Catania ]

    Catania lies at the base of the great Volcano Etna. It is the crown jewel in the necklace of picturesque and famed settlements that circumscribe this tallest and most famed of all volcanos in Europe.The heart of Catania beats to the rhythm of the great and awe inspiring natural wonder that is Etna. Destroyed many times, the city is organized aro...

  • Photo of Whirling Dervishes in Istanbul, Istanbul


    Whirling Dervishes in Istanbul
    Communication with God trough dance

    EVENTS in Istanbul, Turkey

    [ Book Hostels in Istanbul ]

    Istanbul is one of the top destinations in the world, famous for its stunning monuments and their inhabitant's love for life, how they party and seem like they enjoy every bit of it. Although very diverse culture, strong believes and passion for their religion, somehow Turkish have always managed to keep a very open minded view of life, accepting d...

  • Photo of Sakura hostel Asakusa, Tokyo


    Sakura hostel Asakusa
    Tokyo, Japan

    SELECTED HOSTELS in Tokyo, Japan

    [ Book Hostels in Tokyo ]

    Everything that changes, has a great success and long existence, so has Tokyo, a metropolis that has passion for everything and anything new...when you arrive to discover this gorgeous ugly city, you might need some kinda cool place to stay, and there is no better accommodation than Sakura hostel Asakusa, which is just minutes away from the Asakusa...

  • Photo of Backpackers Villa Sonnenhof , Interlaken


    Backpackers Villa Sonnenhof
    Interlaken, Switzerland

    SELECTED HOSTELS in Interlaken, Switzerland

    [ Book Hostels in Interlaken ]

    Interlaken is marvelous city full of unique characteristics and loaded with adrenaline, beautiful lakes dazzled with pearls, the scenery will take your breath away, waterfalls are just a little part of what nature has given to this land. Once you travel to Switzerland, Interlaken is not to be missed, and specially one of its best hostels, Backpac...

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