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    Spanish steps, Trinita dei Monti
    04.08.2014 CITY LIVE
    Rome, Italy [ Book Hostels in Rome ]
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    Rome is one of the greatest masterpieces ever made, everything here is worth to see and not be missed...and once spring comes, there is nothing more enjoyable to wonder around the narrow streets of the ancient capital...

    Spanish steps are truly stunning, and more warm it gets, more tourists will be sitting on the beautiful stairs, enjoying sun and jumping back in time machine, where the most beautiful women and men of Italy gathered here, waiting to be chosen as an artist's model b...

  • Photo of Perth, big city attractions and , Perth


    Perth, big city attractions and
    Sophisticated and cosmopolitan city

    TRAVEL INFO in Perth, Australia

    [ Book Hostels in Perth ]

    They say it's the best city in Australia, Perth, I have no idea who are They, but one is for sure, it's hard to not love a place, where weather is mostly wonderful, beaches are stunning and the character of the locals is easygoing. Perth is a combination of big metropolis and relaxed surrounds, where every now and then you might find a peaceful cor...

  • Photo of Madrid, with music in its soul, Madrid


    Madrid, with music in its soul
    Most passionate country

    DESTINATIONS in Madrid, Spain

    [ Book Hostels in Madrid ]

    A time comes in the life of a traveller when she or he won't have a single penny, and looking for free attractions become main activity when visiting a city. Madrid, one of the top main destinations in Europe, can be a very expensive part of your journey, but with these tips you could perfectly enjoy it without spending money. One good tourist at...

  • Photo of Shanghai, Blend of East and West, Shanghai


    Shanghai, Blend of East and West
    The creative part of the Chinese culture

    TRAVEL INFO in Shanghai, China

    [ Book Hostels in Shanghai ]

    Shanghai is one of the most incredible cities not just in Asia, but in the world, once you will get to the renewed miracle, you will fall in love with it immediately. The metropolis has become the center of the culture and science,technology, situated on the estuary of the Yangtze River. Shanghai starts to draw more and more attention from the rest...

  • Photo of Blessed with natural beauty and wine, Florence


    Blessed with natural beauty and wine
    Tuscany, vine planted hillsides and sculptural stands

    DESTINATIONS in Florence, Italy

    [ Book Hostels in Florence ]

    The most known and spoken region of Italy really deserves all this attention. Tuscany is a fable, it is a land of fairy tales, but real. Tuscany is and will always be there for you to visit and check by yourself if it is so enchanting like people say. When travelling by train, one can feel the change of atmosphere, the delicate and perfect landscap...

  • Photo of Rio de Janeiro,  most spectacular settings, Rio de Janeiro


    Rio de Janeiro, most spectacular settings
    Living the dream in paradise

    CITY LIVE in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

    [ Book Hostels in Rio de Janeiro ]

    Looking for incredible and unforgettable adventures? South America will offer you Incan ruins, colonial towns, great nightlife and some of the world's best beaches. Hold on tight and get ready for the best adventure you have ever had! South America has natural wonders spread all over its territory, bone dry deserts, red rock canyons, volcanoes and ...

  • Photo of Skopje, blessed capital of Macedonia, Skopje


    Skopje, blessed capital of Macedonia
    Absurdly affordable and refreshingly accommodating

    CITY LIVE in Skopje, Macedonia

    [ Book Hostels in Skopje ]

    Macedonia is a country that haven't figured out yet whether is ancient or brand new, searching for its place in the postcommunist world. It's a place of change , struggling in the past at the same time, Orthodox monks are part daily life in here, and youngsters, dressed in latest fashion clothes are as normal as stylish bars and restaurants in her...

  • Photo of Bangkok, charming and passionate, Bangkok


    Bangkok, charming and passionate
    Impressive city

    CITY LIVE in Bangkok, Thailand

    [ Book Hostels in Bangkok ]

    Not only the capital, but also the spiritual, political, cultural and economic centre of Thailand, Bangkok has a special place in our minds that's reserved only for wild and adventurous destinations. And that's what Bangkok is: exotic, chaotic, colourful charming and passionate. With over eleven million inhabitants, the city is a mix of traffic jam...

  • Photo of Vineyards and picturesque towns, Ischia


    Vineyards and picturesque towns
    Volcanic outcrop of Ischia

    TRAVEL INFO in Ischia, Italy

    [ Book Hostels in Ischia ]

    The largest of the islands in the Gulf of Naples, Ischia is an outcrop with volcanic activity that results on many volcanic muds, hot springs and thermal waters all over the island, what attracts millions of tourists every year. Ischia is also blessed with stunning beaches and very beautiful seas, with many resorts and activities. Summer is the pea...

  • Photo of Panama, the essence of paradise, Panama city


    Panama, the essence of paradise
    Coffee farms and deserted islands

    CITY LIVE in Panama city, Panama

    [ Book Hostels in Panama city ]

    Once you pack your bags for Panama, throw some of bikinis and sunscreen, and be prepared to have the time of your life, say "hello, Paradise". Never ending Summer, turquoise seas and coffee's paradise, where farmers get the finest coffee's located between the Caribbean vibes and monster Pacific swells, Panama promises a lot, and gives ev...

  • Photo of Cote d'Azur, endless source of inspiration, Nice


    Cote d'Azur, endless source of inspiration
    Wondrous food and azure seas

    TRAVEL INFO in Nice, France

    [ Book Hostels in Nice ]

    Cote d'Azur also called the French Riviera, promising a perfect and unforgettable experience, it's also known as a playground for rich and famous. It's a region that was always wealthy and outstanding, home to stylish resorts such as Nice, Cannes and St Tropez, Monte Carlo. Back in 50's and 60's it seems like anyone who was someone went to Cote...

  • Photo of Earth Hour, Singapore


    Earth Hour
    Uniting people to protect the planet

    EVENTS in Singapore, Singapore

    [ Book Hostels in Singapore ]

    Earth hour is when the people from all the world try to protect planet by turning off all their essential lights for a whole hour, committing to reduce their environmental impact. For the last couple of years the consciousness for nature and our environment has been constantly growing. One of the biggest issues concerning the environment is glob...

  • Photo of Fool's Day, Paris


    Fool's Day
    Put things in perspective with humor

    EVENTS in Paris, France

    [ Book Hostels in Paris ]

    Nowadays would be hard enough to find an honest person, but once you have a special day to make your lies open for public, that could be fun. No pretending, lie as much as you can, well, mostly as a joke, but still, for all the pinocchios of the world, 1st of April, that your day to celebrate. Who created The Fool's Day...well, the answer is unc...

  • Photo of Medieval castles and umbrella sky, Lisbon


    Medieval castles and umbrella sky
    Portugal, endlessly fascinating country

    CITY LIVE in Lisbon, Portugal

    [ Book Hostels in Lisbon ]

    Portugal touches borders only with Spain , the rest is North Atlantic Ocean, lose yourself in the beauty of nature, Portugal has many things to offer, traditions, culture, great cuisine and some of the best scenery in the world. You will experience golden beaches, medieval castles and stone villages. This amazing country promises a lot, and leaves ...

  • Photo of New York city, a place apart, New York


    New York city, a place apart
    Take a bite of the Big Apple

    TRAVEL INFO in New York, USA

    [ Book Hostels in New York ]

    There is no other existing city in the world to be compared with New York, it's simply unique, stunning and irreplaceable. It really doesn't matter what you visit in this city, it will always be ahead of the curve,few steps forward than the other metropolis in the world, they also call it the gateway to opportunity. A place, where any dream can c...

  • Photo of Londoners, fiercely independent thinkers , London


    Londoners, fiercely independent thinkers
    Historic splendor that will blow you away

    CITY LIVE in London, England

    [ Book Hostels in London ]

    London is the largest city in Europe, and one of the best destinations of all the times, a capital that's a dream come true to most of the people from all over the world, it seems like a hippy that is free, offering you to be free, and live your dream. Well, it's more complicated that it seems, but, yes, we can assure you that London will promise y...

  • Photo of Home to Chilli and Chocolate , Mexico City


    Home to Chilli and Chocolate
    Los Mexicanos, positively charming

    TRAVEL INFO in Mexico City, Mexico

    [ Book Hostels in Mexico City ]

    Legends and stories won't be enough to truly live the Mexico life, where everything is possible and no preconceptions will ever live to reality, jungles, volcanoes with snow capped on the top, stunning beaches and laid back towns, that's the real Mexico, lagoons filled with wildlife and dangerous, warm Caribbean reefs and cold mountain hike and exq...

  • Photo of Seville, heart of Andalusian culture, Seville


    Seville, heart of Andalusian culture
    Tapas taste better and bullfights are real

    EVENTS in Seville, Spain

    [ Book Hostels in Seville ]

    Visiting Spain is one of the adventures you will never forget, no matter which corner you are going to, Spain is welcoming, hot and marvelous. Seville is located in Andalusia region, the southern part of the country, where passion is stronger and dance is more alive, where tapas taste better and bullfights are real. Seville is one of Spain's most p...

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