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    Hundreds of sacred temples
    07.31.2014 DESTINATIONS
    Chiang Mai, Thailand [ Book Hostels in Chiang Mai ]
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    The hub of northern Thailand, Chiang Mai is the capital of the homonymous province, with nearly one million inhabitants in the metropolitan area. It is a very interesting and peculiar city, once the capital of the ancient Lanna kingdom, and placed among the foothills of the Himalayan mountains, being hardly reached until the 20'. This isolation kept the city intact and with its ancient glorious vibes.

    The historical centre of the city is surrounded by a wall and a moat, and inside ...

  • Photo of Woodah Hostel, Copenhagen


    Woodah Hostel
    Copenhagen, Denmark

    SELECTED HOSTELS in Copenhagen, Denmark

    [ Book Hostels in Copenhagen ]

    If you are more than average you'll probably want a more than usual accommodation when visiting Denmark's capital, Copenhagen. It's a cosmopolitan city, with modern and super cool style and atmosphere, a special part of your trip that deserves a special hostel, that in this case is Woodah Hostel, a small accommodation initiative for budget and eco ...

  • Photo of Marvelous Baia, Naples


    Marvelous Baia
    Stunning sea among ancient sculptures

    CITY LIVE in Naples, Italy

    [ Book Hostels in Naples ]

    You can spend your whole life in Italy and still don't know all of its hidden treasures and amazing places. Baia is one of these treasures, a magnificent and unique Roman ruin site underwater. Yes, I said underwater. Just imagine how marvelous and exciting it is to dive in a clear blue stunning sea among ancient sculptures, still preserved floor mo...

  • Photo of Shanghai Dock Bund Hostel, Shanghai


    Shanghai Dock Bund Hostel
    Shanghai, China

    SELECTED HOSTELS in Shanghai, China

    [ Book Hostels in Shanghai ]

    The gigantic, very busy Shanghai has become one of the top destinations in Asia, and not without a reason. In such a big city, there is always something going on and thousands of things to see. It blends many types or architecture, from Art Deco, to Parisian and shikumen, so we can say the style is also very present. In such a chaotic city, it's lu...

  • Photo of Realm of the gods, Phnom Penh


    Realm of the gods
    Enigmatic kingdom of Phnom Penh

    DESTINATIONS in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

    [ Book Hostels in Phnom Penh ]

    Realm of the gods, Angkor Wat was Hindu originally after growing into a Buddhist, it's the largest religious monument in the world, no matter if you believe in something or you don't , the temple is impressive, and you will feel inspired next to it. In few words, Cambodia that you see now is the successor state to the mighty Khmer empire, which y t...

  • Photo of Athenstyle , Athens


    Athens, Greece

    SELECTED HOSTELS in Athens, Greece

    [ Book Hostels in Athens ]

    In the heart of Athens, this millennial breathtaking city, together with historical temples, ruins and museums, stands the hostel that will make your trip to Greece unforgettable. Athenstyle, the newest but already most popular hostel in the city, is a luxury boutique accommodation within a walking distance from the main attractions including the A...

  • Photo of Edgy and Modish Glasgow, Glasgow


    Edgy and Modish Glasgow
    Urban mayhem and black humour

    TRAVEL INFO in Glasgow, Scotland

    [ Book Hostels in Glasgow ]

    It is the third largest city in the UK and the largest in Scotland, a main economic and industrial hub, and has been nominated several times as the European City of Culture, City of Music, Capital of Sport and City of Architecture and Design. It has become in the latest years one of the most visited cities in the UK, offering its visitors great sho...

  • Photo of So Cool Hostel Porto, Porto


    So Cool Hostel Porto
    Porto, Portugal

    SELECTED HOSTELS in Porto, Portugal

    [ Book Hostels in Porto ]

    Porto is maybe one of the most fascinating cities in the whole Europe, be it for its peaceful energy, for the almost divine beauty or for the unbelievably nice people. What we know is that it's hard not to fall in love with Porto once you visit it. To match such special atmosphere, travellers have to choose carefully their accommodations so to enha...

  • Photo of Japanese traditions and passions, Tokyo


    Japanese traditions and passions
    Blossom of unique civilization

    TRAVEL INFO in Tokyo, Japan

    [ Book Hostels in Tokyo ]

    There is no other place in the world as Japan, the mother nature has blessed them with beautiful blossoms and four distinct seasons, great food and the most important brilliant citizens, they are warm and incredibly welcoming with a spirit that could move the mountains. Remember, Japan is a world apart from everything that we others are used to, th...

  • Photo of Don Santiago Hostel, Santiago


    Don Santiago Hostel
    Santiago, Chile

    SELECTED HOSTELS in Santiago, Chile

    [ Book Hostels in Santiago ]

    Colorful and cozy, that's the first impression of most of the guests that come to Don Santiago. It matches well its host capital, Santiago, with happiness, good vibes, art, and intrinsic friendliness. Santiago may be not the first travel option for many people, but it will impress. Chile is the most unique and special country of South America, spre...

  • Photo of Glittering gems of Delhi, New Delhi


    Glittering gems of Delhi
    Vibrant melting pot and imperial capital of India

    TRAVEL INFO in New Delhi, India

    [ Book Hostels in New Delhi ]

    There are thousands of beautiful places on the planet, luxury, expensive and simply amazing, and there are those , that promises less comfort but priceless mental relax and a very rich lifetime experience, such as Delhi, which might seem shocking for the first time visitor, a crush of mechanical and human traffic...Delhi is not the most organized a...

  • Photo of The battle of the flowers, Valencia


    The battle of the flowers
    Valencia, a popular short break venue

    EVENTS in Valencia, Spain

    [ Book Hostels in Valencia ]

    Valencia is no more just a shadow of Barcelona and Madrid, so little as stunning new skylines have changed the city completely, Valencia is the city where paella was first simmered over a wood fire, it's a chaotic place where craziness and beauty mixes together. Spain's most exciting night scenes and outstanding museums, old quarter and Europe's ne...

  • Photo of Barcelona Beach Festival BBF, Barcelona


    Barcelona Beach Festival BBF
    The best Summer music festival

    EVENTS in Barcelona, Spain

    [ Book Hostels in Barcelona ]

    Are you ready to set yourself up on party mood in the most cosmopolitan city of the Mediterranean? Barcelona is anything but boring, the restaurants, bars are clubs are always packed, a city that never stops to impress! This Summer, the party season has been set, Barcelona Beach Festival BBF starts this Saturday, the 26th of July, in Beach de la...

  • Photo of Endless desert of Dubai, Dubai


    Endless desert of Dubai
    Futuristic skyscrapers and glittering coastline

    CITY LIVE in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

    [ Book Hostels in Dubai ]

    One of the fastest growing cities in the world, Dubai turned from a small trading centre to what it is today: cosmopolitan, fancy, elegant and powerful. It had its economy growing originally due to oil industry, but today it's not only that, the city is a transportation hub, the economy is sustained by tourism, financial services, aviation and othe...

  • Photo of England, antiquity and historic splendor, London


    England, antiquity and historic splendor
    Culinary capital of the world, London

    CITY LIVE in London, England

    [ Book Hostels in London ]

    If you fancy green lands and tea drinking ritual, which seems impossible to skip while living in this country, than you should definitely pack your stuff, throw some extra umbrellas and head to magnificent sceptred isle United Kingdom of England. The country is pretty amazing itself, known as a nation of shopkeepers and the mother nature was very g...

  • Photo of La Posada de Huertas, Madrid


    La Posada de Huertas
    Madrid, Spain

    SELECTED HOSTELS in Madrid, Spain

    [ Book Hostels in Madrid ]

    They will give you all you are looking for in a hostel. Posada de Huertas has an excellent location, in the centre of the city, close to museums, nightclubs, bars and restaurants. It has also excellent atmosphere, in a way that makes it very easy to make friends and to socialize with other guests. The structure and services are everything you need,...

  • Photo of Tremendous changes of Honduras, Utila


    Tremendous changes of Honduras
    Snorkelling and howler monkeys

    CITY LIVE in Utila, Honduras

    [ Book Hostels in Utila ]

    Every each of us has a dream destination, even if never been, we strive for something undiscovered, unknown but at the same so familiar, where our heart runs, wit no reason, no particular explanation. Some would love a luxury holiday, with pool and five stars hotel, some would want to sleep on the floor and blend in...but the real one is , when you...

  • Photo of The Plot Hostel, Singapore


    The Plot Hostel
    Singapore, Singapore

    SELECTED HOSTELS in Singapore, Singapore

    [ Book Hostels in Singapore ]

    Just hearing the name Singapore makes us think good things. It is a place of colors, smells and heat, where human contact may happen every time in the busy streets, and the tradition of the country, though a mix of other cultures, has its own personality and fascination. Singapore is a huge city blending skyscrapers with tropical climate and tasty ...

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