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Tartu Marathon

Cross country ski event

Every year , the third Sunday of February there is a famous Tartu Marathon held, people from all over Estonia come to compete their ski skills. This year it will be the 42nd edition of the marathon, it forms a part of the international Worldloppet and Estonian Estoloppet across the country series. The full marathon is 63 km, which is the course through Tartu and Valga counties, the short one is 31 km. Winter throw us snow, so why not use it for some healthy sport activities?

There is nothing particular about this Ski competition, it's just a tradition in very classic style. The Estonia's cross-country ski event has been going very strong since 1960, growing with years and now involving more than 4.000 skiers. Actually there are several races during several days, but the main race to watch is on 17th of February, the massive 63 km one from Otepaa to Elva. After the marathon all the spectators are welcome back to Tallin to celebrate, the ticket price is 20€ , you can buy those online.

The director of the Tartu race is Indrek Kelk, he claimed that he is happy that despite the difficult weather conditions, there are so many skiers with a good will to participate to this event, actually enjoying the Tartu Marathon. There are also drinks and food to cheer them up and give them some useful power to survive the coldness and the marathon, warm Blackcurrant drinks, salvest pickles, Porter bear with honey, rain buns, tea, coffee, raisins, bananas, salt and sugar. So if you are looking forward some winter activities and new country to discover, the Baltic Estonia would be a great start.

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