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Endless sand and tropical terrain

Island of Enchantment, San Juan

Year round excellent weather, endless sand and sun, diverse tropical terrain, natural jewel box, in few words a daydream destination,Puerto Rico, the pride of Caribbean. It will perfectly suit anyone, those looking for a luxury beach getaway, those, willing to discover the sunrise surrounded rainforests and also for those wild surfer ones...Coral reefs, tropical fishes, great diving opportunities, wild and hidden beaches and still undiscovered, Puerto Rico promises a paradisal weekend getaway.

Under its name Puerto Rico hides a chain of Caribbean islands, that are a part of Greater Antilles, such as Culebra, Vieques and Mona, but Puerto Rico is the largest and the most popular. San Juan is the capital and world's second oldest European founded city, the old town is tiny but beautiful, including historical profes mixed with pulsating modern energy.

San Juan burst from museums, that celebrates and represents everything and anything, from revolutions to European paintings, it's great, but don't be scared to look beyond the borders of the capital, the best of Puerto Rico is yet to come.

However, the rich port will totally spoil you, giving the long awaited dreamy vacation, it will also spoil your taste buds, with the best influences possible, including Cuban, Spanish and Mexican touches. The locals will call their cuisine Cocina Criolla.

Swim, eat, relax and while watching the sunsets dipping into the Caribbean coast, start to sip an elixir that will help you to enjoy those sunsets, the magic elixir is rum and coke with wedge of lime, it will be served in a cold, tall glass. Taste the paradise of Puerto Rico.

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