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Win a Stay at M&J Hostel Rome Italy

....The Best Lottery Ever....

It is said that lottery is a good way to lose money. But not ant M and J Hostel. There everyone can win! Till the 28th of February 2010 you have a great chance to check whether the fortune is on your side! Just pay only 1 Euro at the reception and then... You will be entitled for one drink at the bar "Living Room Cafe". In addition, you will be able to win a free one-night stay at M and J Hostel. Don't waste your time, come and play! Ask for more information at the reception.

M&J Place Hostel is offering great prices! Dorm rooms are ranging from only 9.99 Euro and private - from 24.99 Euro per person. Stay in the city center close to all of the main attractions: Colosseum, Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore, Fontana di Trevi and the Roman Forum. The best location ever! That's the opportunity that cannot be missed. M&J Place Hostel is located only two minutes walking from Termini Station.

The hostel has a 24-hours reception and there is no curfew/lockout. Therefore, all the guests are free to explore the city and its Christmas atmosphere until late hours in the morning. They are also welcome to enjoy the excellent food, drinks, and non-stop parties in the downstairs bar - The Living Room. In addition, M&J Place Hostel offers a free kitchen use, free luggage storage, and more!

City: Rome
Country: Italy
By: M&J Hostel
Published on 15-Gen-2010
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