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Vanuatu still does siesta

Peaceful and gentle race

If you are searching for a nice, calm destination with loving local people, you should go to Vanuatu! People there enjoy their lives and look at everything with an positive point of view, being peaceful and gentle race. E meaning of Vanuatu is a Land Eternal , it has a "Y"-shaped chain of 83 islands near by the towering volcanic conest, with rain forests from the other side, and beautiful natural harbors and wide beaches.

It's unbelievable experience for any tourist coming to the islands, there is no place on the earth like Pentecost Land Dive, the first bungy jump, and sure the Toka Ceremony on the Tanna island. It has very rich culture from more than 115 distinctly different cultures and languages still thriving, mainly the people of Vanuatu are predominantly Melanesian. It's considered as one of the number one in most culturally diverse countries in the world.

Back in the 1980 than known as New Hebrides, Vanuatu was jointly administered by France and Great Britain as a Condominium, so there are still many small communities of French , Australian, British, New Zealand, Vietnamese, Chinese and other Pacific Islands people living there and enjoying the peace in harmony of the beautiful country.

Mostly their religion is Christian. Everything else is like in Europe, they drive their cars on the right side of the street, closing everything on Sundays, as Christians should not work that day, but you might find some Chinese shops open during that day.

But, they do have siesta, from 11,30 until 13,30, which might be a little bit strange, restaurants and bars also banks and shops do not observe siesta time, though. You can spoiled yourself on going to the colorful and bright Saturday markets and Sunday is a day for fresh vegetable and fruit markets. Going to the restaurants you will enjoy very much, they offer a wide choice, Melanesian, French, Polynesian, Indian, Chinese, Thai-Vietnamese, English and Japanese specialties. Fish, beef, fruit and vegetables are all fresh and delicious prepared.

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