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Ten overrated things in London

England most visited city

One of the most visited cities in the world, tourists are smothered by guides quibbling over what to prioritise in its wealth of attractions. Less commonly explored is what to avoid. In this short article, we identify ten of the most ill-advised things to see and do in this famous city.

1. The Underground

Suffocating crowds make Underground travel labourious makes it one of the ten overrated things in London. By far the fastest and most comfortable way to get about in London is by bus.

2. Oxford Street

Ubiquitous brand names and streets as crowded as the Underground make this a meritless nightmare to visit. Instead, peruse the more tranquil shopping areas in Camden or Covent Garden, where there is a shop entirely dedicated to Tintin.

3. London Dungeon

The appeal of the appropriately-named London Dungeon is not nearly strong enough to justify its horrendous queueing waits which can be several hours long.

4. Madame Tussaud's

Queue times rival the London Dungeon here and an underwhelming collection of wax-works is the only compensation.

5. London Eye

With up to 30 minutes' wait, the reward is a protracted view of the city which can be enjoyed as part of your visit to other attractions such as St Paul's Cathedral.

6. Leicester Square

One of the ten overrated things in London is Leicester square. This tourist hotspot offers little beyond crowds, chain shops and overpriced cinema tickets. Try the Coronet Cinema in Notting Hill instead, which features in the eponymous film.

7. Changing of the Guard, Buckingham Palace

The Changing of the Guard is an underwhelming experience, and visitors are advised to spend the 90 minutes wait required for a good place elsewhere.

8. Stay in Central and West London

Visitors should not confine themselves to the touristy areas. Outside of this zone are worthwhile attractions like Spitalfield's Market and the Imperial War Museum.

9.The Prime Meridian, Royal Observatory

Avoid paying and waiting for an hour to see this division of the Eastern and Western hemispheres; see it quickly and for free a little while away.

10. Bus Tour

Although ideal for transportation, taking a bus tour of the city is a rushed and unsatisfying way to experience its sights.

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