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Surrounded by mountains

Edgy Guatemala

There are mostly two sides of every opinion, one is positive the other is negative, the same is about travel, the top destinations are many, you like it or you hate it. All depends what are you looking for, where are you from and what are you expectations, there are people who can be happy about everything and there are some they will never give a smile for anything.

Guatemala can be the dirtiest and the most charming place on the earth, or it could be the dirtiest and the most disgusting for some one else...we are different , so are the cities, and believe it or not dirt can sometimes fit perfectly in a certain place...

It's a very busy city, where dilapidated buses belch fumes next to Beamers and Hummers,where the writers, the thinkers, the artists mostly live and work here...where skyscrapers stand still in the sky, giving the shadow shanty-towns and immigrants from the countryside, it's indescribable charm, that overwhelms you. This is a country of strong traditions, drums, flutes and marimbas are the most important traditional Mayan musical instruments.

The country is divided in three main regions, the cool highlands with the heaviest population, the tropical area along the Pacific and Caribbean coasts, and the tropical jungle in the northern lowlands.

The city life in here is very colourful, with many things and attractions to see, like impressive squares and churches, plenty of old ruins, markets and very lively Zona Viva bars. In the past years Guatemala has been working really hard to improve their tourism, and they really did, the city is cleaner and have added a new public spaces, upgrading public transport and hosting big weekend events.

Guatemala city is absolutely beautiful, surrounded by mountains, it has become a modern metropolis, even if it's considered as still very dangerous city to visit, they are trying really hard, and they will succeed , people are lovely and very helpful there, and the attractions there are worth to see. Guatemala one of the countries with the largest indigenous populations in Latin America, inhabitants there dress very coloured, and smile pretty often!

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