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Cordoba, the argentinian one

Top 10 things to do

Located in the heart of the Pampas, Cordoba is Argentina's second city and a recognized center of education and culture within that country. While not quite as famous or well-traveled as Buenos Aires, the city of Cordoba has its own personality and points of interest, and plenty of things for a visitor to see and do.

1. Visit the main plaza

The first thing to do in Cordoba is visit the main plaza. It has a lot of energy and is a great place to hang out. The main plaza has lots of trees, and a high statue of San Martin on a horse. This is also where you will find a town museum as well government offices and the cathedral. Argentina's first colonial administration was based here before Buenos Aires became the capital.

2. Go on a walking tour

Most tour start off at the main plaza, then moved on to the cathedral next door and the Monastery of the Carmelites. The Iglesia de Compania de Jesus is the country's oldest church. You will go through the National University of Cordoba area, once the Jesuit College. The national museum is located in part of the campus.

3. Relax in Parque Sarmiento

This park is Cordoba's most important garden area. Located a short distance from downtown, it has great spaces that are ideal for relaxing, resting, walking or just enjoying the fresh air. The park has facilities for outdoor events, including an amphitheater. Around the park there are cultural areas, museums and various ponds filled with ducks and other birds.

4. Go shopping

Another thing to do in Cordoba, the argentinian one is to go shopping. There are lots of shops and shopping centres in Cordoba. You will find great prices.

5. Museums

Any visit to this beautiful colonial city wouldn't be complete without a tour of one of Cordoba's many interesting museums, which are scattered all throughout the city. Most are situated in the historic center, and many are located within prestigious colonial buildings. Among the best museums are the Eva Duarte de Peron Museum of Fine Arts (also known as Palacio Ferreyra, featuring works by regional artists), the Emilio Caraffa Provincial Museum of Fine Arts (with an expansive library specializing in the arts), and the Juan de Tejeda Museum of Religious Art. You can also visit the Marques de Sobremonte History Museum (displaying colonial items), the Anthropology Museum of the Cordoba National University, and the Classics Museum (with over two thousand classic pieces ranging from automobiles to war tanks). The Genaro Perez Museum (contemporary art), the Bishop Jose Antonio de San Alberto Museum (religious artifacts and a small concert hall), and the Latin American Artisans Museum are all interesting options.

6. La Manzana Jesuitica

One of Cordoba's main attractions is the Jesuit Block, a series of colonial buildings that has been declared a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO. Among the more stand-out features are a crypt at the underground novitiate temple, the Company of Jesus Church (the oldest temple in Argentina), and Argentina's first university.

7. Monasterio de Santa Teresa

The Monasterio de Santa Teresa is a working Carmelite nunnery; therefore, only the Igreja Santa Teresa is open to visitors. The architecture, with its sober facade and ornate cross, contrasts with the rest of the city, as it is the work of Portuguese architects. The nunnery also houses a museum of religious art and artifacts, including some relics of St. Teresa de Avila and St. Ignacio de Loyola.

8. El Paseo del Buen Pastor (The Good Shepherd's Promenade)

Cordoba's, the argentinian one, cultural center on Hipolito Yrigoyen Avenue in the historic district. It includes a beautiful colonial chapel and conserves original pieces such as porticos and columns, combining contemporary and historic elements. It's made up of diverse spaces designed to house art exhibitions along with various galleries, theaters, cinemas, concert halls and dancing fountains that perform a light and music show in the evenings. There are spacious gardens, terraces, plazas and open-air areas for relaxing.

9. Check out Carlos Paz

Carlos Paz is a city in the center-north of the province of Cordoba. The area of Punilla is a major tourist destination on the national level, and Villa Carlos Paz is in turn the most important city of Punilla, favoured by its closeness to the Cordoba City. Popular tourist activities include bathing in one of the many rivers, fishing, evening shows, kite surfing, windsurfing, hiking and mountain biking.

10. The Cathedral

The city's most important religious building is the Catedral de Cordoba. Its architecture combines neoclassical, romantic and baroque elements fused with indigenous details. The interior design highlights vault paintings and a variety of contemporary adornments.

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