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100 Tamburi per la citta'

Catania Sicily Italy

100 TAMBURI PER LA CITTA' " 100 tamburines through the city" is a parade for the population of Catania to take part in the fight for a socio - cultural change through creativity and gaining support for a common purpose and aim.

These changes are intended to affect and promote the following mini topics:

More specifically trying to promote being environmentally friendly through recycling and educating the Catanese population to maintain a cleaner city.

The preservation of Catania's histrical and architectural heritage.

Encouraging and developing Sicily's bright young talents in addition to promoting local craftsmenship.

The promotion of a healthier lifestyle

The intruction of happier living through young people getting on whatever their background or social status and the integration of the population from different regions and countries.

As Mother Teresa said, "If I ever protest, I protest for peace, not against war"

100 TAMBURI PER LA CITTA' promotes its message through music, dance and colours, the most peaceful way to protest through cheerfulness and the rhythm of the tamburines, pots and pans, carneval hammers, whistles, trumpets and over 100 bicycle bells.

The parade will take place on 5th June 2010 at 4pm starting from Piazza Roma, going towards Via XX Settembre up until the crossroads of Via Etnea, from there going ahead and finishing at Piazza Duomo in the centre of Catania.

In addition, at the end of the parade, all musicians will have the chance to take part in a concert at Piazza Universita' using their intruments, the concert is arranged by Tour the Forst.

All this is taking place near to Ostello del Plebiscito so to take full advantage of this event, why not book a night or two at our hostel on

We look forward to seeing you here on 5th June!

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