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Bucharest, Contemplate history

The best of Romania

Romania's capital city has plenty to offer travellers. Bucharest is the centre of Romanian media, culture, and art. Although buildings and districts in the historic city centre were heavily damaged or destroyed by war, earthquakes, many survived.

Romania's Parliament building is the second largest building in the world, after the Pentagon, and the world's largest civilian administration building. Built primarily of Romanian marble, it's also the world's heaviest building and the most expensive administrative building.

One of the most symbolic places in Bucharest, not only because of its architecture, but also because of its part in history is the "Palace Square". Around here we can find the former Royal Palace (now Romanian National Art Museum), the Athenaeum, the Library of the University of Bucharest and the Memorial of the Rebirth.

Contemplate history at the Revolution Square, the area around the University Square. This area was the setting for some of the most violent episodes of the 1989 revolution. South of the square we can find the beautiful Russian Church, surrounded by French style buildings.

Herastrau park is located in the north of Bucharest, around the lake of the same name. It houses the quaint Village Museum. Around the park we can find other landmarks of Bucharest such as the House of the Free Press, the Romanian TV Headquarters and the Arc de Triomphe.

Contemplate history with the Bucharest Jewish museum, housed in a synagogue, exposes what life was like for Romanian Jews before World War II.

A few kilometers south of the center we can find the Jewish cemetery of Bucharest. This peaceful place has been the final resting place for several generations of Jews from the late nineteenth century.

The Old Town is also the place to go for night-life and dining. Most of the trendiest bars and restaurants are located along Gabroveni and Lipscani streets.

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