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Fascinating Old City Baku, Azerbaijan

Shiny glass towers and stone mansions

In the last century Baku was called East Paris, today the city looks like Dubai. The same source of wealth of both this cities is oil. Baku is getting it's modern look very fusty but it doesn't lose the charm of the ancient city. Here ultra modern architecture is combined with medieval buildings. At the same time Baku was and remains the eastern city, with it's characteristic flavor of the mysterious East.

Conventionally, all the city's attractions can be "split" into three parts: the Old Town, the buildings constructed during the Soviet period and modern Baku. It takes a lot of time to explore all the parts of the city, but here are 3 must do in Baku:

1. to storm the Acropolis and visit the Maiden Tower, which is connected with romantic legend;

2. to visit a local grandmother and taste the real Azerbaijan cuisine homemade - because people from Azerbaijan are famous for their hospitality!

3. buy at the Baku market an traditional oriental rug, made in the best traditions of the Azerbaijan carpet weaving, but don't forget to bargain for the best possible price!

Azerbaijan is an amazing place, it's the country of fire. Flame Towers - the symbols of the country of light and heat - interesting buildings, look like the "tabs" of the flame. The height of the tongues of fire are 190, 160 and 140 meters. Particularly beautiful view opens of the towers of the Flame at night, when the city is covered only with the moonlight and the sky is filled with the stars. In the darkness the buildings are supposedly alive.

A lot of places to visit a lot of interesting to see, just go there and you will not regret.

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