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Center of music, arts and poetry

Romantic Asuncion, Paraguay

When most of the world expects summer arriving after spring, Paraguay is enjoying it last month of Summer, and stepping into the best season autumn starting from April. Actually the best time to visit this very particular and beautiful country is from April until September, so pack your bags and head to Paraguay. Around this time there are countless tourists, cos the country celebrates many festivals and events.

The coolest temperature that gets in here, is 18 degrees which is still amazingly warm and perfect for discovering the best places and sightseeing, dressed with light jackets, the rainfalls are low. The cultural influence mostly comes from Spain, also talking about the food, which is an important part of the culture, but because of the varieties of crops commonly found in the country, its traditional foods are rooted in the country's own ground.

Asuncion is the capital of the country, the city lies 53 metres above sea level, and it's home to 500.000 people, which proudly lives in this beautiful and edgy capital, it's hard to get around the capital, but it's definitely worth to try. Its nature will leave you breathless, many flowering trees and large parks, suburban buildings built in colonial style.

The old town full of monuments to discover, like the cathedral, presidential palace, and Pantheon of Heroes, they all built back in 19 century. However, the old town is small enough to be discovered by foot. The Remanso Bridge connects Asuncion with Buenos Aires via trunk road, on the Paraguay river.

Their way of escaping dictatorship rule has been long enough, now they are free to do what they do the best being independent, and doing that pretty well, called and known as a mother of cities, Asuncion is a center of music, poetry and the arts. It's one of the oldest cities in South America, spreading out on a gentle hills in a pattern of rectangular blocks.

It seems like you are thrown back in time, the life is pretty modern, but has a decidedly colonial aspect, enhanced by red-tiled roofs, colourful patios,plus the amazing flowering trees all over the city. This country is so worth visiting.

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