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Untouched Paraguay

Marshes, lagoons, dense forests

You heart is looking for dream vocation, discovering places you have never been? Something edgy and nothing commercial, pure and natural, showing it's real face, not being ashamed from anything. Surrounded by Brazil, Bolivia, and Argentina in south-central South America, Paraguay stands still, being proud of its Chaco region, covered with marshes, lagoons, dense forests, and jungles. If you aren't scared of mosquitoes and diesel-spewing buses, and you are willing to see friendly people, shady plazas and ritzy shopping malls, it's a place for you to enjoy you best vocation.

The capital of Paraguay, Asuncion was founded by famous Spanish navigator, Juan de Salazarm back in 1537. In short order the Spanish began to colonize the interior, after they discovered that there is no gold , no local Indians forced to slave, this isolated colony remained peaceful, it was officially out of the spotlight of the Spanish Crown, Paraguay remained independent, after 250 years of Spanish rule, in 1811. And finally, Paraguay's economy crashed and the political infighting continued, with countries access to the Atlanthic Ocean, tourism infrastructure was improved and still nowadays Paraguay remains a land of opportunity and great promise.

Also called the mother of cities, Asuncion, has long time been a center of music, poetry and diverse arts, but only lately it has been able to escape its long history of dictatorship rule. The great night life might attract and surprise the young travellers, and capital's original colonial and beaux-arts buildings, international cuisine will impress the older ones. There are so many beautyful things to see and to visit, some most famous are Panteon Nacional de los Heroes, Casa de la Independencia and Catedral de Nuestra Senora de Asuncion and many others. It remains one of the most unbtouched and beautiful city in all South America.

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