Kantar, HOSTEL in Yerevan Armenia.

10 Deghatan street, Yerevan, Armenia

Located near: Kantar Hostel is located on Deghatan street, just behind the Republic Square. The Square itself is the most central part of Yerevan and along with Opera and Cascade are the most popular places for locals and tourists. Many cafes, restaurants, night clubs and pubs are easily accessible (within 5 minutes walking distance). Nearest subway station is just 3 minutes and Yerevan central bus station is just 20 minutes walking distance away from us (3 minutes by taxi, which will cost around 1 EUR).

Kantar Hostel is located in the very center of Yerevan (just 1 minute's walking distance from the Republic Square), Kantar offers the most modern, cozy and fancy hostel of our city.
Large dorm rooms can accommodate 4 or 8 persons.
Private bedrooms with balconies for up to 4 persons.
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