Capsule Hotel & Sauna Cosmo Plaza Akabane, HOSTEL in Tokyo Japan.
Capsule Hotel & Sauna Cosmo Plaza Akabane.

1-39-3, Akabane,, Tokyo, Japan

Located near: Location: Akabane is a town where the friendly atmosphere of the downtown areas in Tokyo, Japan. Akabane Station, several shops, restaurants, and many Japanese-style bars of popular culture are located within city limits, furthermore, can use Saikyo Line and Keihintohoku Line, it is very convenient. The time required from Akabane Station: Saikyo Line: -Ikebukuro ( 8 min.) -Shinjuku ( 14 min.) -Shibuya (22 min.) Keihintohoku Line: -Akihabara (17 min.) -Tokyo (20 min.)

What is the capsule accommodation? The typical capsule accommodation is mainly composed of two sections.
The one is the shared lounge space including the big bath and the other is the private space where guests sleep in the capsule room.
Each capsule unit is made of the reinforced plastic and is

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