Sukeroku-no-Yado Sadachiyo, HOSTEL in Tokyo Japan.
Sukeroku-no-Yado Sadachiyo.

2-20-1 Asakusa Taito, Tokyo, Japan

Located near: Sensoji is one of famous temples in Japan. There are so many small souvenir shops on the both sides of Nakamise street. You are able to see the big Japanese paper lantern at Kaminarimon gate. Tokyo sky tree is the highst tower in Asia. You can catch sight of it from anywhere in Asakusa.

We are located on a side street a few minutes away from Senso-ji.
All rooms are tatami-mat rooms with private bath and toilet.
We also have two public bathes (cypresswood & black granite stone).
Japanese Antiques are displayed throughout our Ryokan, so you feel as if you were in Edo era.

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