Spaceinn Hengyang Branch, HOSTEL in Taipei Taiwan China.
Spaceinn Hengyang Branch.

B1, No.51 Hengyang Road, Taipei, Taiwan China

Located near: Starting from the Space Inn, you can completely feel the convenience of transportation in Taipei. Ximen Station is on the Blue Bannan Line that goes across Taipei metropolitan east to west, and that you can go shop at SOGO shopping district within 10 minutes. NTU Hospital Station is on the Tamsui Line that goes north and south, and that you can go eat fish balls in Tamsui within 50 minutes and arrive at Taipei 101 within 20 minutes. You can also walk to Taipei Main Station and take the high-speed rail to get to Kenting to enjoy the summer or Sun Moon Lake to experience the dreamy fog.

Pre-authorization: A pre-authorization is just a validity check that temporarily blocks on your credit card an amount roughly equivalent to the cost of your reservation.
The amount will be unblocked after a certain amount of time.
How long this takes will depend on the property and your credit card

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