Hostels Rus na Kazanskoy, HOSTEL in St Petersburg Russia.
Hostels Rus na Kazanskoy.

Kazanskaya Street, Bldg. 8-10, letter A, room 26H, St Petersburg, Russia

Located near: Stores: Small Seating yard, Large Seating yard, Vanity Opera, DLT, Dixie. Banks and ATMs: Sberbank, Bank of Baltika, Alfa-Bank. Cafes and restaurants: Coffee House, Starbucks, Ribay, Allegro, Estrada, restaurant Gogol, Prospekt, Tandur, Russkiy Ampir, Arch Restaurant, a restaurant in Baku. Attractions: Kazan Cathedral, Kazan park, Anichkov Palace Garden, Lomonosov park, Old Garden, St. Michael's park, the Museum of Mittens, MANEVICH park, Apartment Museum Nekrasov, St. Isaac's park, Alexandrovsky Garden, the Museum of Hygiene, Shostakovich Great Hall of the Philharmonic, the Museum of Circus Arts, Alexander Column, Museum of Alexander II, the museum of Anna Akhmatova, Museum-apartment of Alexander Pushkin. Churches and Church, Kazan Cathedral, St. Isaac's Cathedral, Church of the Savior.

Hostels Rus – Kazanskaya - inexpensive but comfortable accommodation in the center of St.
Petersburg! The rooms have most comfortable living conditions - the bed with fresh linens, curtains and fitted with an individual light source, clean towels, personal safes, unlimited Internet.
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