Stonefortress Hostel, HOSTEL in Shenzhen China.
Stonefortress Hostel.

No.13 Liuwangxiang Dapeng Fortress, Shenzhen, China

Located near: 40km east from the city center of Shenzhen, 15 minutes' walk to the beach(Jiaochangwei scenic spot) 1km away from the Dongshan Temple,whcih is a famous temple here. 10km away from the Dapeng Peninsula National Geological park.

Stonefortress Hostel is located in Roc City(Dapengsuocheng) which is an ancient town built in 1394(Ming dynasty)as the costal defence.
Our hostel has 3 double rooms(1 bed), 1 dorm with 10 beds and 1 dorm with 5 beds.
The hostel is rebuilt from the local old house on our own, and we collected many in

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