Seoul GRANDHOSTEL EWHA Univ., HOSTEL in Seoul South Korea.

7F, 155, Sinchon-ro, Seoul, South Korea

Located near: Seoul GRANDHOSTEL EWHA Univ. is the best place located 4 minutes away on foot from the exit number 1 in Ewha Women's University from subway line number 2. Located on the main street,Seoul GRANDHOSTEL EWHA Univ. is on the 8th floor of Haeam Building, and people can enjoy the spanning view over the city. Visitors are able to meet tourists from all over the world enjoying various rooms, cultural exchanging facilities, joint kitchen, and spaces to break the ice with strangers

Hostel is located in Ewha Women's University areas, it's near to Sinchon and Hongik University.
You are all in the middle of youthfulness and romantic culture in Korea.
The place where youthfulness and art come together and where people are able to meet underground culture and hot place at the sa

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