K-Grand Hostel Dongdaemun 3, HOSTEL in Seoul South Korea.
K-Grand Hostel Dongdaemun 3.

6F~10F , 339-1, Wangsimni-ro, Seoul, South Korea

Located near: DONGDAEMUN is a fashion town with largest scale in Korea, traditional market and modern mall are coexist. There are more than 30 malls and 35 thousands shops, they welcome global customers from all over the world every night. One of big festival in Korea, Seoul Fashion Week is held every year at Dongdaemun Design Plaza(a.k.a. DDP)! The Shopping street is lined with shopping malls like Doota, Good Morning City, Hello APM, etc.

K-Grand Hostel Dongdaemun is 2stops from Dongdaemun history & Culture park station by subway.
We called the area 'Wangsimni'.
Wangsimni area is the place that you can see real Korean people life style and K-Grand Hostel Dongdaemun is the first hostel in Wangsimni area in 2017.
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