Usturre, HOSTEL in San Sebastian Spain.

Peña y Goñi nº13-2º, San Sebastian, Spain

Located near: Usturre, is situated at Peña y Goñi, n ú 13-2 ú of San Sebastian, (20002) right next to the Auditorium Kursaal and Zurriola Beach, known as the beach surfers due to the large number of friends wave. If we turn to the opposite side and spent Kursal bridge spanning the River Urumea, we come to the old part of the city where we can taste the world famous pintxos or tapas in town.

the staff will attend to is Carlos, Juanma charge of the establishment and that you own.
As well we offer activities pub crawl, so that you can enjoy with other lodging clients bars, tapas, pubs, etc.
with people like you for a small fee.
The hostel is located in the Peña y Goñi Street, modern

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