186 Lapa Central Hostel, HOSTEL in Rio de Janeiro Brazil.
186 Lapa Central Hostel.

Rua do Lavradio 186, Lapa, RJ, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Located near: If you are going to stay at Lapa, you have to know that we have, by far, the best location of Lapa. We are at the best corner of Lapa, in front of a police station and side by side to every bar, night club, bus station and metro station.

Hello! Welcome to 186 Lapa Central Hostel.
186 Lapa Central Hostel offers travellers a space that combines comfort, cleanliness, safety, excellence in customer service and of course, really great memories.
At friday's we receive pub crawl groups from other hostels here.
Located in Lapa, the b

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