Pura Vida Hostel Rio de Janeiro, HOSTEL in Rio de Janeiro Brazil.
Pura Vida Hostel Rio de Janeiro.

Rua Saint Roman #20, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Located near: The landmark or point of reference of Pura Vida Hostel is Lifeguard Tower 5 (Posto Cinco) and Rua S��ïÿý�ï�ÿ�ý���ï���ÿ���ý��ïÿý�ï�ÿ�ý��ïÿý���á Ferreira. The address of the hostel is Rua Saint Roman, number 20. The street is located off Rua S��ïÿý�ï�ÿ�ý���ï���ÿ���ý��ïÿý�ï�ÿ�ý��ïÿý���á Ferreira, which is located between the main streets of Copacabana beach, Rua Nossa Senhora de Copacabana and Rua Raul Pompeia.

Built in the beginning of the last century by a Polish embassador, the house was uniquely constructed and still holds the special details and archietecture reminiscent of a European castle.
We have collective dorms that can hold 4, 6, and 12 people (bunk beds/coed) as well as a dorm room for gir

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