Horn Ok Please Hostel, HOSTEL in Mumbai India.
Horn Ok Please Hostel.

22 D Monte St, Bandra West, Mumbai, India

Located near: The hostel is set up in 100-year-old cottage located in Bandra – a cosmopolitan, vibrant and accessible part of Mumbai city. You know those places that have this undefinable, but undeniable aura of being welcoming, interesting and intriguing all at once? Well, Bandra is one of those places. Bandra has an old soul, but with bursts of a new, brighter world. It has something for everyone. A cure for every whim. A place for every occasion. It has the sea. And the rocks. And the rock stars.

No! we're not your 'dream luxury vacation get-away' hostel because dreams aren't real, luxury is overrated and we don't believe in getting away.
We believe in diving in deep, putting you in the thick of things, gluing you in on all the hidden networks.
We want you to make memories and new friends, a

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