Apart Hostel, HOSTEL in Moscow Russia.
Apart Hostel.

Chistoprudnyy bulvar 14b3, Moscow, Russia

Located near: The hostel's location - just a dream! Apart hostel is located on the second floor of a 19th century facade is decorated with gorgeous moldings. Previously lived here Patriarch of Russia, and today in this historic building and you can stay for a while. To get here easier than ever: a mansion located a short walk directly from the six metro stations: Clean Ponds, China City, Slavic Boulevard, Turgenev, Kursk and Lubyanka! And how many interesting things around us ... An old hostel building is reflected in a huge pond where you can go boating or fishing. The ground floor features a large aquarium with sharks and piranhas, the life which is so interesting to watch at your leisure. In the immediate vicinity there are a huge number of attractions of Moscow. ∙ 100 steps to reach the hostel from the famous restaurant 'Nostalgie' where you can make a fascinating journey to the beginning of the 20th century. ∙ 75 meters of walk - and you're on the famous Pokrovka where already waiting for Russian tobacco club, souvenir shops, and a variety of shops, restaurants and entertainment venues. ∙ Next door is the cinema 'Roland'. You will not miss one world premiere. ∙ A 20-minute walk to the main attractions of the Russian capital - Moscow Kremlin, on the way admiring eye pleasing architecture of the historic center. Welcome to Moscow!

You are still overpaying for hotel accommodation? Empty out your purse to pay for smoky rooms with old furniture? Spend the money on a more than modest breakfast in the restaurant, which stand as a magnificent banquet? Shell out a tidy sum for a separate bathroom, as if he were trimmed in gold, rath

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