Mayak Hostel, HOSTEL in Moscow Russia.
Mayak Hostel.

Moscow. 1st Tverskaya-Yamskaya 4, Moscow, Russia

Located near: Mayak Hostel is located in close proximity to the metro and in line with the Belarusian and Paveletskaya stations. The most complete analysis of the services provided in the mini-hotels in a similar price range has enabled us to establish itself as a mini-hotel premium by raising the level of service and quality of accommodation to new heights.

Mayak Hostel sets a new standard of accommodation in a multi-bedroom rooms.
It offers you a very comfortable queen-size (120h200sm) wooden bunk beds equipped with orthopedic mattresses and pillows with fresh linens.
You will always feel fresh and well rested night's sleep because you will not have t

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