Sauce Hostel, HOSTEL in Montevideo Uruguay.
Sauce Hostel.

Acevedo Diaz 1124, Montevideo, Uruguay

Located near: The property is located in Parque Rodo 4 blocks from the park. Inside the park there are several attractions such as fairs, amusement parks, discos, etc. It is only 20 blocks from Batlle Park where the Centennial Stadium and the velodrome are located. The area is full of bars and restaurants for all ages. There are also several museums nearby, the National Museum of Visual Arts 6 blocks, the Casa Vilamajó Museum 8 blocks, the Mario Benedetti Foundation 5 blocks, the Natural History Museum Dr. Carlos Torres de la Llosa 12 blocks and the Museum of cannabis at 12 blocks.

Sauce Hostel stands out for its large patio and its comfortable barbecue, which has an integrated kitchen and bathroom.
It is located in the Parque Rodó neighbourhood, just 4 blocks from the park and 14 blocks from the bus terminal.
Sauce Hostel has two shared rooms, a room with 6 beds with pri

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