Lhasa Sonam Youth Hostel, HOSTEL in Lhasa China.
Lhasa Sonam Youth Hostel.

11 South De Ji Road, Lhasa, China

Located near: *There are 7 tourist sites within easy walking distance of the hostel.* 1. Medicine King Mountain (YaoWangShan) and Nearby Stone Carvings: To find this site, cross South De Ji Road diagonally to the left. Walk for 3-5 minutes up the road and you will come to the foot of the western side of this small mountain. From there you can see the stone carvings cut into the rock faces of the mountain. Medicine King Mountain is named after Yuthog Yonten Gonpo who established Tibet's first medical institute at that location. His effigy is enshrined in a nunnery located at the foot of the eastern edge of the mountain. On the mountain there is also a temple to King GeSang (a figure central to many Tibetan folk tales and ancient history). The celebrated stone carvings (WanFoQiang or Ten Thousand Buddha Wall) are located at the southern edge of the mountain. In addition, a white stupa is situated at the junction of the northeastern foot of Medicine King Mountain and the southwestern foot of the Potala Palace's Red Mountain. (Medicine King Mountain is also home to many other small notable spots and oral legends.) 2. Potala Palace and Potala Square: To get to these two sites, walk north (left) along South De Ji Road for 2 minutes to the first intersection. This is Norbulinka Road. Here, veer to the east (right) and walk for 12-15 minutes. You will come to a white stupa in the middle of the road. Just past the stupa is the Potala Palace and square. An additional site of interest might be Xue Museum. This museum, located at the foot of the Potala Palace, has exhibits on Tibetan history. 3. Norbulinka: To visit this site, walk north (left from the hostel) along South De Ji Road for 2 minutes to the first intersection at Norbulinka Road. Turn west (left) and walk about 15 minutes to the Norbulinka front gate. The Norbulinka, historically the summer palace of the Dalai Lama, is now a place of worship, as well as a place for fun and relaxation during the holidays. This site is a must for those who wish to see true Tibetan-style palace architecture and elegant gardens. 4. Tibet Museum: The museum is located just diagonally across from the front gate of the Norbulinka, and the time needed to reach the museum is just a little less than needed to get to the Norbulinka (see above). Tibet Museum is Tibet Autonomous Region's foremost museum. It displays a large and diverse collection of cultural and historical objects. Not only can you admire some archaeological finds, but you can also enjoy a wide variety of world treasures. At the same time, the museum affords you the opportunity to learn about changes in Tibet from the ancient past to the present. 5. Lhasa River: To reach Lhasa River, go south (right) from the hostel and walk along South De Ji Road for 2-5 minutes and you will end up at its banks. Lhasa River is one of the larger tributaries of the middle reaches of the Yarlung Zangbo River. It has its source in the southern foothills of the TangGuLa Mountains, and it is one of the world's highest rivers, being fed by melting snows and heavy rains. Standing at the intersection of South De Ji Road and the Lhasa River, and looking southwest (down river), you can see the bridge to the Lhasa Train Station. 6. GuanDi Shrine: To reach this shrine, walk north (left) along South De Ji Road about 2 minutes to the first intersection. Go through this intersection with Norbulinka Road and you will then be on Central De Ji Road. Continue north until the next 4-way intersection. Here you will see GuanDi Shrine on the southeast corner of the intersection of Central Beijing Road and Central De Ji Road. GuanDi Shrine in Tibetan is called GongDeLin Temple. It is decorated in a harmonious blend of Chinese and Tibetan styles, but with an emphasis on the Chinese. Overall, the shrine is a quiet place that is tastefully adorned. 7. Dragon King Park (LongWangTan): *To reach the park from the hostel, walk north (left) along South De Ji Road to Norbulinka Road. Turn east (right) on Norbulinka Road and follow it until North Linkor Road. Turn north (left) on North Linkor Road and continue on this until the park's entrance. Altogether, the walk takes approximately 15 minutes. This park, in Tibetan called ZomGep LuKang, means the park behind and at the foot of the Potala mountain. The park sports a small lake, flocks of birds, ancient trees, and Tibet's famous willows with their spiraling trunks. The 6th Dalai Lama cleverly built a 3-storied pavilion-style temple with a glazed tile roof. It is located on a small island in the middle of the lake. These days the park is not just a historical site but is open to the public and has a much more modern feel.

Sonam International Youth Hostel is located at 11 South Digi Road in the heart of Lhasa, close to Medicine King Mountain with its stone carvings, only a 15-minute walk from the Potala Palace, and right near many restaurants and eateries.
Not much farther away are such tourist sites as the Nobulink

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