Pirwa Garcilaso Hostel, HOSTEL in Cusco Peru.
Pirwa Garcilaso Hostel.

Av. Garcilaso, 208, Cusco, Peru

Located near: Pirwa Garcilaso Hostel is located just 3 minutes from the city's main square by car and 15 minutes walking. The most popular site in Cusco, Qorikancha, the Incan Temple of the Sun, is just a couple minutes' walk from the hostel. Also nearby is the city's largest handicraft market. The hostel is across the street from one of the city's largest food markets in the city, making it easy for you to sample fresh local produce, and it's around the corner from Wanchaq station, where buses depart daily for the small towns of the Sacred Valley of the Incas.

Pirwa Garcilaso Hostel boasts two lounges and a very large guest kitchen for your use.
The kitchen and breakfast room both have great fourth-floor views from where you can admire the surrounding hillsides.
There's a fast food stand and an in-house bar to cater to guests' needs in the evenings.
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